Wednesday, 19 August 2009

87 Blogs to Follow

Yikes! How does one cut it down? I have been refining & redefining my Blog Roll for a while now. Of course I read other blogs at times too but this is my weekly read...although obviously sometimes it takes a little longer...or I have to skip a bit here & there...because, really, 87 is quite a lot.

These are the peeps that are doing it for me right now. Take a look down my sidebar to see the hard work I have been doing (& chuckle at my titles) I have divided my reading into 8 sections.

1. Magazines 2. Manufacturers 3. Miscellaneous Scrappy Inspiration 4. Fantastic Scrapbookers 5. Kit Companies {the creme} 6. Inspirational Scrapbookers 7. Really Useful Blogs and 8. My bloggy friends {most of whom are also scrappers}.

Of course sometimes the lines are undefined as some blogs fit more than one category & I don't want to duplicate. If you spend some time looking at my categories you may find blogs you also enjoy. If so feel free to add them to your Blog Roll.

It has taken me months of blog hopping to put this little list together so you could save yourself a lot of time by checking out my faves, and, who knows, they could become yours too! Of course, this is all according to ME, because it's my blog LOL! I have given up on my Google Reader...I just don't like being told what to do & it always made me feel "behind" so I use my sidebar as a launching pad. So if you're looking for anything scrappy in particular you may just fin
d it here.


The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

Hmmm... interesting... I don't have that many, but if I keep adding as I do, then I'll have to categorize and organize. I do cull every now and then. If I'm not getting inspired by someone's blog then I take them off my blogroll. I'm still using Google Reader. I love it (at least for now).

Shayne said...

thanks for the info.

i certainly do not have the time to read 90 blogs a week! I'd never leave my laptop.

but nice that you've taken the time to sort them categorically so i'll use your sidebar as my reference blog!

brigitte said...

87, hell thats alot.

topkatnz said...

Hmmmmph!! I wanna have 'it' going on!!ROFL!! I'm not sure exactly what IT is, but I'm sure I should have SOMETHING going on - if you don't, then you're DEAD, right???haha!! and 87 blogs!! OMG how do you manage? I have 17 on my google reader, and cull them regularly!LOL

tania said...

yes you see, that is when you are organised, well done!! when i come across a blog i like, i just add it to my favorite list, which makes it difficult, wish i started it out the way you have done, but then again, that is why i am so glad i found YOURS!! And i will have to add my laptop to my list of addictions, cause it really gets you hooked. . .bad. Hope you are well and enjoy your day!!

Lynette said...

You amaze me with your organisational skills. Well done Helen.

Desire Fourie said...

Yikes, my sentiment too. Fortunately I am not yet at that scary figure in my Reader, probably 75% there. Great work updating and organising your sidebar, didn't expect anything less from such an organised person as you.

Helen Tilbury said...

Thanks guys! Yup it has been a bit of an organisational nightmare but finally it is done. How I am going to keep up is the next is quite exhausting...but then I am a HUGE reader...just LOVE to read...Google Reader is perfect for not many blogs but over 20 & it all starts getting a bit out of hand in my opinion. I had 2 readers at one stage (also bloglines from Wordpress which anyone can use) but then I thought "Why?" when I can just access via my own blog & have everyone in the same place. I always scroll down when I finally get to a blog, to see if I have missed anything interesting. I have done lots of adding & culling in the past but want to try & stick with this for now as it takes so long to get into a new blog I don't want to "waste" any more time LOL! I don't dump people unless their blogs are REALLY boring...or they dump me sending a comment once a me that equates to dumping as how does one know they are even reading? To me that's like me popping in for tea with them a few times a week & they pop in once a thank you...Tania I didn't start out like this...I just had one long list...but realised that different categories may work better so had to swap everything around. If you click up your blog twice you can shift things around from one to the other until you are all reorganised. Shayne feel free to launch off from my blog anytime. Lynette & Desire, thanks for the compliment. I try to be organised but it does take time to get there ;-D

Andrea said...

you are all together tooooo organised lol...will be checking out some of those blogs though.

Sandra said...

87 blogs and not using a feed reader! You are a champion, Helen.

I couldn't keep up with that many. As it is, I have two Google Reader a/c - one for knitting blogs; the other for scrapping blogs and friends and family members blogs.

Like Heidi, I am always culling from there and the only one I tend to add onto is my knitting list.