Saturday, 1 August 2009

Book now! And Saturday's news...

Just a quick link to the online class, Go to Press, right here straight through to the 2 Peas booking site. The course is USD25 for the WHOLE month - 20 pdfs AND 20 sheets of A4 printables all pre-designed by Shimelle. Online classes are easy and cheap - I was terrified of the unknown when I did my first one but they are a piece of cake. You work at your own pace & it is totally optional whether you participate in the private forum & upload to the private gallery, partake in the just-for-fun challenges or not. Usually I don't because I don't have time. I try to get through the class in present time so that I don't feel behind as psychologically that stresses me out.

No time for too thoughtful a post right now as we are heading off to the rugby - Springboks (South Africa) v/s All Blacks (New Zealand). Whoooooooooooooooo - I am so excited. This is bound to be rugby at it's world-class best. All I hope is that the South Africans are not as rude as the last time & do not boo throughout the Haka as quite frankly I think that that is unhospitable & disgusting behaviour & I'm sure you'll agree an embarressment to the nation. So here's hoping for a fun vibe there & some great rugby - not to mention a delicious fruit chutney chip twister!

I have copied the text from the 2 peas site & pasted it below - for your interest - so only read on if you want to know more about it!

Stress-Free Scrapbooking #01: Go to Press
By Two Peas

Shimelle's number one rule for creating? There is no stress in scrapbooking. So many times we can get caught up in the right way, the right look, the right products that we forget this is something we do for fun! In her series of Stress-Free Scrapbooking classes, there are always plenty of ideas to try and projects to inspire while always encouraging you to do things your way for the perfect end result.

Over the course of this four week class, you'll bring one of your biggest scrapbooking investments to life: your printer! With a full page of printables included with each prompt, you'll have dozens of new accents to stretch your stash. Each of the twenty PDF prompts walks you through a new technique with a scrapbook page plus variations to get your mind going. You'll also see other twists as the Garden Girls put their unique spin on the techniques. With step-by-step techniques for putting the power of the printer in your hands, it's time to make your ideas go to press.

Better still, the twenty pages are designed to become an album in their own right, so you'll finish the class with a completed album documenting the Simple Pleasures for you and your family. Most exemplar pages are 12x12, but you can easily follow along and adapt to 8.5x11, 8x8 or any other size you love. The class starts with a photo preparation sheet so you can gather the pictures you want to use from the beginning -- the majority of the pages will use 4x6 prints of photos you have already taken and are needing to scrap!

So join Shimelle for four weeks filled with new life for your printer, balancing new techniques with perfect storytelling and the promise of absolutely no stress at all.

Class starts Monday, August 3rd, with prompts delivered by email Monday to Friday. Class members are also able to chat on a private message board and share their work in the class gallery for the chance to win prizes along the way.


Shayne said...

It must have been amazing actually being at the rugby yesterday - the vibe must have been awesome!

i watched it on telly - something i rarely do but had a feeling that the Boks would work their magic again.

Lynette said...

Loved the hubby would be jealous to know that somebody I know were there!

Michelle Ramsay said...

I heard the rugby - Dereck was there and I was his chauffer later in the evening. I painted and scrapped while he was there watching!