Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Silly Stuff...

It's late, I'm tired, let's play...

Your current obsession: Surfing for new CHA products.

Weirdest Obsession: Hmmm...dedicating a separate shelf in the fridge to each category - or is that just organisation? You know...bread with butter...fruit with yoghurt...you get the picture?!

What are you Wearing: Polka dot pyjamas, polar fleece tracksuit top & pink slippers.

What was for Dinner: Spicy chicken wings with mashed potato followed by flapjack stacks with strawberries & icing sugar.

Favourite Book: The Tall Tales book of Make Believe (still have it...)

Last Thing you Bought: Goodies for Heidi to add to her parcel (we are doing a swap)

What can you hear right now: Reilly sleep talking about going on holiday...LOL

Favourite flavour of Ice Cream: Pineapple

Where in the world would you go if I gave you a plane ticket: To New Zealand to visit my online friends there & to thoroughly investigate the country with a view to emigrating.

Which language would you learn: Can never decide between French & Italian...

Who do you want to meet right now: All my online pals! Plus a few scrappy celebs...

Favourite Colours: Differs for clothing/decor & scrapping. For clothing I wear a lot of navy (as in jeans every day) with pink, white, brown or black usually. For the home I like browns, reds & greens & for scrapping I love white, black, beige, bamboo, kiwi-green & red...dislike pinks & purples & tend not to use tonnes of blues for some reason. That said, there's a time & a place for everything.

Favourite items of clothing: Jeans & slops.

What size shoes are you: 7

You have £100 to spare, what will you buy: That would equate to R1200 I think so wouldn't get me too far here...I think I would go & stay in a nice B&B all alone ('cos DH would have to look after the kids!) & order yummy room service & read my new mags. For one night only ;-D

Favourite time of day: Now (very late...)

Who's style do you most admire: In clothing - gave up following that ages ago but if I had no body issues it would be Matthew Williamson. In home decor - I like a warm, homely style but not too cluttered. Like the American "Maine" look - kinda beachy with lotsa wood. In scrapbooking I admire Ali Edwards, Wilna Furstenberg, Shimelle Laine, Mou Saha ALL ALOT.

What is your own style: In clothes - whatever is the most flattering without being boring. In home decor - whatever I can afford sadly - but I try to make the most of what I have. In scrapping I veer towards Shimelle's collagey style the most - planned, with white space & clusters of embellishments.

What are you going to do next: Shower then sleep.

Favourite Films: Dances with wolves, Jerry McGuire, The Island & The Guardian. All life-changing movies.

Favourite Fruits: Pawpaw, pineapple & strawberries.

What inspires you: Things I read. Stuff I see. People's successes.

What Music is your favourite this week: Kings of Leon.

Do you have a dream job: Designing for Making Memories on site in Utah.

What is stopping you: A Green Card (any ideas???!!!)

What would you change in the world: I dare not say in a public forum but I have some ideas regarding a neighbouring country.

Favourite animal: Cat.

Favourite Tools: Apple corer - marvellous invention. Avo slicer - another great idea. PC? Cellphone? Car? What constitutes a tool? Scrapwise - not big on tools...cutter, craft-knife & paper-piercer & I'm good to go.

What would your job have been in Victorian times: Author/philosopher/thinker/teacher/artist. To pay the bills I may have had to be the washer-woman...who knows???!!!

Feel free to cut/paste & play!


tania said...

Wow, so much humor that time of night helen:)

Lynette said...

I just love these MEME's they tell us so much about you. I love that the only thing keeping you back from designing at MM in Utah is a green card, and no...I don't have any ideas on how you are going to get one:)

Shayne said...

i'd love to see a photo of your super organised fridge!

and i love the 'maine' decor look too.

thanks for sharing.

Helen Tilbury said...
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Helen Tilbury said...

Whoops Tania called you Tanika so had to delete that post LOL! Was saying - that's just me Tania - 24 hours a day ;-D Lynette if I can ever get a green card I am serious about it {LOL} It's a big company - I could start as the tea-lady if necessary - but eventually I would be designing one of their lines...I want it THAT bad ;-D Shayne - who knows I might take a photo of that fridge one day...when my camera comes back from Joburg (R2750 later) Don't buy a Nikon!!! It's a factory fault & they don't believe me & are making me pay. I'm a Canon girl now ;-D