Monday, 28 July 2014

Not Drowning just Waving :)

Just waving HELLO so you know I am still alive & well!
Busy busy times for me at the moment on the personal front, helping
 hubs prepare for a big meeting coming up & lots of admin & paperwork.

On the scrappy front I BEGAN SORTING OUT MY STUDIO.
I won't say biggest mistake ever because I KNOW I WILL BE DELIGHTED
EVENTUALLY!!!  Right now though of course it's a right old mess...

One side is almost complete now so I am probably 40% done.

Going to have a HUGE SALE of stash here.  I have had giveaways
regularly on my blog in the last couple of years but I still have far too much.
Really because I used to buy more than I could scrap.  Now I know my limits
& almost everything that makes it's way in doesn't get out alive any longer.

So while it's a painstaking task to sort things out, categorise & photograph
everything to sell it's a necessary evil & I have some super stash - it just doesn't
float MY boat any longer as my style has changed SO much over the last year.

For those of you who have followed me for more than a year will know that
I only really found my personal scrapbooking style just over a year ago.
Prior to that I was so versatile, I could take on any style.  Now I just can't
do that any longer.  I know exactly what I like for me & what I don't.

And that's a huge relief because now it's not difficult for me to sort through
my stash & know what to keep & what not to keep.  If it doesn't truly get my
heart racing I'm hoping it will do that for someone else instead ♥

For the first time in years I've actually "got a gap" & time to take it on.
I've lost a couple of DTs lately {both of them closed down, Inkido & one other}
so I'm taking that as a sign to use this time to finally clear my room out.
It's really small & I'm already loving having got rid of my Mixed Media
 trolley & filled an empty drawer with all my pastes instead.   

It does mean that I can't create as much as usual at the moment
but it's not going to go on forever so hang in there I will be back!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Pinspired Article in Scrap 365 plus -
Published in the Ribbon Gallery - Aug/Sept 2014

Hello everyone - hope your Monday was fabulous!  Well, hope it was bearable :)

If you've got hold of the new Scrap 365 magazine yet - the Aug/Sep issue -
you will see or have seen already, that I have an article AND a layout in it.

If not, you can go HERE to buy the issue & have it sent to you {free of 
charge in the UK} but your issue can get posted anywhere in the world.

I received my issue on Friday & didn't want to post about it until I had
actually read the issue for myself, which I now have, & in my opinion it
is the best issue yet.  

It is packed full of inspiration from Scrap 365's ginormous & 
ever-growing design team from all around the world,
each with a slightly different style, so very diverse & useful!

It is NOT packed FULL of adverts or pointless, shallow articles but
rather, it is actually all relevant & worthwhile.  

This is what the new issue looks like...

I have a 2 page article "Pinspired" in this one, based on a layout called "DJ Rise".

I feel great about this as it was totally my idea & set to be a regular feature in
the magazine in every issue.  It is based on the ever-rising-in-popularity
mood board idea & how you can use Pinterest to INSPIRE you :)

Here's a sneak at it & my hand-written ink title (yup happy with that!)
although of course that's not my first attempt...ahem...

My layout is of course one that is still unseen, but here is a sneaky of it - 
you can find it in the "Ribbon" Gallery - & the ribbon I have used is that
 lovely "holey" one you can see, from Prima.  It makes the most beautiful
 bows & has a hint of gold in it too.  I love the texture it adds to a project!

Well that's it from me today.  Short & sweet, just as I hope your Monday was :)

Sunday, 20 July 2014

7 Dots Studio Off-The-Page Project & Tutorial {Will you still Love me? Box}

Hello everyone!  Today I have my first tutorial up at 7Dots Studio HERE.

I repurposed this chunky box from a Camel belt box my husband
got years ago.  I always kept it as it's a good size & so sturdy!

Before the tutorial let's take a look at some close-ups!  I used
 gelatos for my colouring & I really fell in love with them
 properly, for the first time.  I have ordered some more...!!!

The Illumination Collection has 2 sets of stamps that go along with it 
& I used this set below.  As you can see it is really modern & versatile.

Illumination - Stamp Set 2

Once I had stamped on the paper & coloured some random 
areas adding stickers was the finishing touch & so easy!

I gave my daughter this box, to store her letters & cards from her boyfriend.
She loves it & was grateful to have something pretty to store them in.

The only other products I added, apart from the obvious adhesives, were some gesso
 to tone down the box base, some gauze & drywall tape for texture underneath 
the photograph & some wash tape to finish off the edges of the box neatly.  

This was simple & fun to make & a great way of upcycling
& saving money too - you should try it!!

And here is the tutorial - I do hope someone out there finds it useful...

Some handy tips on how to put a box together, because, like all things,
it always looks easier than it actually is until you try to do it yourself LOL!
Thank you so much for your visit - I really appreciate it!!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

"Chips, Chips!" Layout
Prima Product Pick {Prima Marketing}

Hi there!  Happy Weekend to you!!  A sad one for me with my 2 older kids heading 
back to university in the morning.  Miss them so much when they are gone
 & have loved having them home for a few weeks.

Finally I got the PPP done for July!  Here below is the sample "mood board".
I'm not big on blue but I was happy when my page was done :)

I used some straws that are locally available & am now in love with the idea!
I bought some pink & white ones too so expect to see more of them!!

Somehow straws have a celebratory, party vibe, yes?!
Perfect for my daughter's photo & celebration of her favourite food!!
Here we call them Chips but also known as French Fries :)

I used so many different Prima collections here.  
Base paper from the Delight Collection, paper strips from the Divine collection,
some stickers from 2011 - so long ago I can't remember the name!

Also Prima bling, Prima flowers & these lovely big Prima resist alphas.
I have had them for ages & only just got into the Resist items now, rather late!
The trick I've learnt is to ink up then add water to activate the resist, using a 
paint brush.  Oh my goodness the effects are awesome!!

Also used a Prima mask, Prima crochet flowers, Ingvild Bolme for Prima
chalk ink, a paperclip from the Free Spirit collection, some older paper
(2011) & some 2013 stickers.  All in all at least SIX collections not 
including the stamps, mask & the flowers & bling.

Thanks to participating in the Prima Challenges twice a month for over
a year now I am actually making quite a dent in my Prima stash & so
looking forward to their new collections landing on South African shores!

Friday, 18 July 2014

Mist/Spray Review - 11 Brands - My Experience with Them!

Hello everyone!  I've been on the misting/spraying band-wagon for a few years now. 
 Luckily I jumped on quite early.  The mess of it all appealed to me.  Prior to using
 mists, I found it stressful being confined to everything on my pages having to be
 perfect & that's not the way I believe that scrapbooking is meant to be. 

It think it is meant to be fun, therapeutic & freeing, so I was happy to see there
 was a way for me to achieve my dream of scrapbooking purely for art's sake, 
when mists came into being.  Don't get me wrong, I also love photography
 & I'm a great believer in memory keeping.  I just don't agree, for me, 
that every photo needs to be scrapped, or even kept. 

 I am a ruthless photo editor now, although it has taken me years to manage
 to keep just a few good shots & also not to take so many unnecessary photos
 in the first place.  I also love photo-albums & mini-albums so the layouts
 I make are certainly not a representation of my entire memory keeping.  
They are just the photos I WANT to scrap.


This is a completely personal review & from mostly my own findings.

I don't work for any of these companies & am not being paid {sadly LOL}
by any of these companies.  I think with mists that there is a place for almost
all companies that produce them as some cater mainly for specific regions,
some offer shiny, others matt, some both, & some are strongly pigmented
& others are not.  So at the end of the day you need to choose according
to your brand loyalty, your budget & your personal requirements.

So here we go in no particular order :)

1.  Color Bloom Sprays {Prima}

I've used almost every brand of mist on the market...I think!

Sadly my new Prima Color Bloom Sprays have not yet arrived so I cannot review them
but have heard great things about them & can't wait to try them for a few reasons.

1.  They're PRIMA!  Prima has a reputation for making great products so if they
 are Prima made & endorsed then I am virtually guaranteed to love them!

2.  They have an unusual nozzle head that apparently does a couple of different
things - a light spray & more of a splatter {I think} so that sounds like fun.

3.  I hear they are very pigmented = strong.  I don't like watery, very pale 
mists at all so these new Color Bloom Sprays sound just so me!!


2.  Glimmer Mist.  {Tattered Angels/Canvas Corp}

Apparently these mists are the "original mists" - honestly for me I was disappointed, 
although I still see many people using them.  They are certainly nice & shimmery but 
the colours are very transluscent so to achieve depth of colour is not easy or economical.

I have seen several You-Tube reviews that have agreed with my thinking.  I do like
 their packaging {the bottles are a lovely shape & nice & "thin" though & did not experience too much nozzle clogging  myself although they do have a bad reputation 
for that from others.  If you like pale & shimmery these would be for you :) - 
less colour, more shine....


3.  Perfect Pearls Mists {Ranger}

I adore the actual "Perfect Pearl" colour - which is more like a shimmer than
 an actual tone, but the other colours I tried were very wishy-washy & again 
I've heard others echo the same sentiments on You Tube.  So if you like shine
without a lot of colour these would be for you :)


4.  Dylusions Ink Sprays {Ranger}

I only own ONE bottle of this & it is so hectically strong I am still diluting it!
I guess that if you are after REALLY strong colours then these are for you!!


5.  Lindy's Stamp Gang

These mists will not disappoint you IF you know what you are looking for.  
There is SUCH a huge selection that it can be overwhelming for a newbie. 

 What you need to know is that FLAT FABIOS are matt, STARBURSTS are glittery 
& MOON SHADOWS have a walnut ink undertone so are more vintage/grungy.  

They are the only mists I've ever come across that you mix yourself {they come in powder form}
 which I found quite fun, & of course they are lighter for shipping if you are buying online.
They are famous for their 2-tone effect which is hard to imagine but really does work.  
Held at different angles they show off a different coloured under tone which is very pretty.  

My verdict is that there is something for everyone here but without experience
knowing what to look for I'd say their wide selection makes it difficult.


6.  Mister Huey's {Studio Calico}

This is another can't live without colour!  I love the matt white of it & find Studio Calico mists EXCELLENT.  I love the little bottles as they are easier to store than the big ones,
 but these mists are matt {which is something I like at times but others may not}.  

They are also a bit pricey considering they have only HALF the amount of most
 standard 2oz (60ml) mist bottles.  Nonetheless I think Studio Calico is an excellent 
brand overall, although I don't buy a lot from them because their style is modern
 & not grungy/shabby enough for me.


7.  October Afternoon Sprinklers

I don't know if these are even in existence any longer.  I bought a set of 3 to start
 & mine were awful.  The nozzles all clogged & the colours were muddy.  Didn't work for me.


8.  Maya Road Mists

I've always LOVED their bottles!  So nice & slim to store!!
And I have loved every mist - well pigmented & their black
is the strongest, mattest black I've ever come across.  Thumbs up!


9.  Smooch Spritz {Donna Salazar}

These mists come in small glass bottles, making them impractical & expensive.
 My first bottle shattered all over my studio floor whilst I was unpacking my parcel. 
 Deep red it was & not a good look on my white fitted drawers!
My 2nd bottle nozzle clogged & there was no opening it, despite
rinsing etc so sadly I can't recommend these sprays.


10.  Shimmerz

I have only tried a couple of these mists in the past & they were barely visible. I've heard 
it said that these mists are great for people who like that effect.  In other words if all 
your creations are very pale & you're a bit nervous to mist away with gay abandon.


11.  13arts Mists {Poland}

A relatively new player in the mist market, these are impressive & the range is ever 
expanding without being overwhelming.  I also love that they come in 30ml {1fl. oz}
 bottles, which is half the normal size of the standard mist bottles, as this means you 
spend less while having an opportunity to try more colours.  For someone like me I
don't balk at buying 2oz {60mls} but I think that for people not as mixed media
obsessed as I am - these are an excellent choice.


I haven't reviewed Art Anthology mists or Heidi Swapp Colour Shine because I've never 
had any.  Art Anthology looks nice but without a clear bottle I'd find it a bit difficult to
 know how my stock levels were doing & the Colour Shine by Heidi Swapp has good 
reports, although the colour range is a bit too clean & modern for me, but they do look 
very shimmery & quite pigmented too.  

My final verdict?  Something for everyone!
Hopefully though you are now a little more empowered to make YOUR choice