Saturday, 29 August 2009


Ready to play???!!!

Sandra, Vicki, Tania, Cathy & Michelle you are all in the running neck & neck LOL! I was hoping to draw some of my blog lurkers out of hiding but alas I failed! By the way, the lovely layout from last week was done by the very talented Kelly Goree, who is also a layout designer for Basic Grey.

This week you need to identify 1) The manufacturer 2) The line - of the 2 items shown and 3) tell me what the name is for the little round "thingies" (for example, are they called brads???no, they are not, LOL! So what ARE they called???) Off you go now...on your merry way...if you know where to look the answer is ever so easy ;-D

Happy hunting!

Remember THREE answers required! 1-2-3!!!

And just so you know, BOTH the paper AND the "thingies" you have to name are from the SAME MANUFACTURER and within the SAME LINE...

And as motivation for you the pizza-box is looking good & already has a whole host of interesting things inside, including wooden stamps, acrylic stamps, glitter, flock, paint, etc, etc ...

You have until next week Thursday 12p.m CAT to leave your comment/s with the answers ;-D


Lynette said...

1) Prima
2) Indeed
3) Pebbles

I am a prima fan:)

Vicki said...

Another Prima fan here too.
Its 1)Prima, 2)The Tropics - Rainy Breeze paper and 3)Pebbles

topkatnz said...

yup,yup - I have that exact paper in my hot lil hands!LOL

tania said...

ok, sorry I had to go search their web first, yap, prima's tropics, rainy breeze and i know the other one, page pebbles, use to get the blank ones from making memories, remember, you could make your own to fit your paper!!

Michelle Ramsay said...

1. Prima
2. Rainy Breeze - The Tropics Collection
3. Pebbles (Tropics)

Sandra said...

I have no idea, so will bow out of the running gracefully or disgracefully :)

Cathy said...

1) The manufacturer - PRIMA
2) The line - TROPICS
3) name is for the little round "thingies" - PEBBLES

Great range of stuff... thanks for sending me on that wild goose chase... hehehe

Helen Tilbury said...

Consider it an education in all things gorgeous LOL! Thanks for playing along again - next week it gets harder! But have decided 3 weeks suffering is enough for you lot so the 4th week will just be the draw ;-D