Sunday, 16 November 2008

Layout Time Again! Layout No. 4 - "Egg Hunt"

For those of you who attended this year's "Convention" you will recognize this as the layout idea from Jennifer Strauss, from Around the Block... The paper we were supplied with was Easter paper...luckily I STILL hadn't scrapped my Easter shots so I was okay...sure many of you were furious tho', not to have been told to print Easter photographs, as we were told that any family theme would suit...Hello? No can do! Can't scrap any arb photos with paper that actually has text saying EASTER!!!
I reckon our fancy "Convention" was a good way for these international "celebrities" to palm off all the junk that hadn't sold throughout the year...We were supplied with a very interesting assortment of brads, etc to use to decorate too, some of which I swear came out of someone's Chinese Christmas crackers...I had to finish this at home with my own tidbits...did manage to use some of the SHOCKING (in more ways than colour only!) punched-out flowers tho"!

Above is the LEFT-hand side of the layout. I changed mine from the original sketch, quite a bit as I wanted/needed to pack in more photographs. I inked the gross pink paper flowers (by paper I DO mean post-it quality, not bazzill!) with my Dark Brown cats eye & added some delectable treats from my all-time fave...Making Memories. Nyummy big, glossy brads, plus some nice felt ones too...can't remember what manufacturer, soz...& some lovely little crochet flowers that are available here from "Imagine How Expensive That Is!" - our local rip-off joint! Keep threatening to buy my own crochet needle...

Above here is the RIGHT-hand side of the layout, along with hand-journalling that I will show you a close-up of in my next post. I did think Jennifer was a lovely lady & I did learn a bit. I enjoyed the idea of tearing the bracket-shape then "distressing" it with our digging about in my Tote (contains essentials only...hehe...must photograph it to show you all how to use yours to capacity!) Just adored these photos...shows you the pro's are right about taking them at the right time of day, early enough for the sun not to be directly overhead. Also enjoyed the black fineliner "doodlingy" disjointed lines around the edges, although the doodling trend has been around for quite some time already...

Here is the finished layout. Pretty cute huh?! Also liked the idea of using half the bracket shape on the top of the left page and the other half on the bottom of the right one. She provided us with some fairly cute acrylic stamps to use for the title. Only problem is they were totally STUCK together-some excuse about the shipping process-funny how the ones available in the stores (that arrived by same mode of transport) are all fine...? we spent a fair portion of our precious 120 minute class desperately haggling with the pieces, trying to separate the entire alphabet, not to mention the cute little flowers, etc! Would have thought the company representatives would have sorted out this problem the day before, when they arrived. As it was we had enough on our plates having to convert from inches to centimetres in EVERY class.
I'm not a great fan of interactive elements on pages. I like to view the entire layout, journalling, the whole lot, when I look at the layout, without having to lift any flaps, etc. Not keen on it, don't do it unless, of course, in the rare case when something is private. You'll notice a little match book on the bottom right corner of my layout. I thought this was pretty cute, & will probably make quite a few more, but as gifts for friends, etc & not actually attached to a layout. I've cut a rectangle, slightly larger than the mini-book, from my page protector, so that the little book can easily be flipped through without having to remove it from the plastic cover.
In my next post I will show you close-ups of the details, plus a sneak peek into the little match book, which, by the way, was incredibly easy to put together.
Until then, goodnight! For me, it's beyond midnight & I am trying my best to get out of my very bad habit of blogging 'til dawn!
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Simply-Mel said...

Nice work! I, too, am not a big interactive scrapper. I only use hidden journalling occasionally and its usually because I have not left sufficient space on my LO to journal so I have to 'tuck it' behind a pic!!

topkatnz said...

Really gorgeous layout - and a double too, I'm most impressed!! soooo hear you on the interactive thing ... I mean what's the point if you're gonna put the page in an album! I only do hidden journalling on tags at the top of a layout, with ribbons pulls etc but yes usually it's because I run out of room to do it any other way!!LOL