Sunday, 16 November 2008

More close ups on Layout 4 - Egg Hunt

Yeah, yeah, you all know about this one...think I just got a bit "carried away" when I was taking these photos!! Sure you get the idea by now. Just dig through your stash jars & tip out a whole lotta lush product then start "spiking" with your ever faithful paper piercer & before you know it, you too can have an oogleliciously lush layout! Need more inspiration. Google Shimelle Laine...She has a gallery at 2 peas in a Bucket & all her layouts look like adverts for Cosmic Candy. She is possibly my favourite scrapper of the moment.

Below is a close up of the stamping. Very cute fonts & we were provided with pretty coloured inkpads to use. Stamping's not perfect but I don't care...I like it...I'm not after perfection...I wholeheartedly embrace Alli Edward's philosophy that "It is Okay" and it is..

Ooh, this is a goodie - the shot below shows how nicely the bazzill distresses. Just mark your shape outline lightly with a pencil, tear, (not as easy as it need to always tear towards you to get the core showing, and if you are following a specific shape like this then you can only tear little by little, being careful not to bend & mark the lovely shape that will end up gracing your layout.)

This is my own personal font! It just kinda developed as I did more & more hand-journalling. Funny thing really, 'cos it ain't my hand-writing, but I have taught myself how to journal like this on almost all my layouts. I like it. It's a good one for not having to be straight & perfect all the time & I reckon it always looks cool. I'd even go so far as to offer this as a free computer font, if only I knew how to go about it...

Aah! The little mini "match" book at last! In the next post I show you all close-ups of what's inside the book. It's cute. It's easy. Hope you like it! If you do leave me a comment or, easier still, just tick on the appropriate box below. I created these little opinion/reaction boxes the other day, they're a new Blogger feature, and, yet again, I think they're cute...(even I am tiring of that word!)Posted by Picasa

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