Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Tuesday's Blog News

Some Interesting changes...

Before I get to bed (past 1a.m. here)...thought I'd give you a quick update on what I'm up to on Da Blog...

I am going to be updating my sidebar during the course of this week, re:- My Blog List.

I am doing allotta reshuffling & categorizing so that it will be a lot more USER-FRIENDLY for any of you visiting, ie:-

1) Blog Buddies
2) Inspirational Blogs
3) Celeb Blogs
4) UK Scrap Blogs
5) Sketch Blogs
6) Defunct Blogs (ones I'm hoping will fire-up again soon!)
7) Trade Blogs
8) Art Blogs
9)Scrap/Lifestyle Blogs...

(Phew, I can now chuck away the scrotty bit of paper I jotted all that down on LOL!) so need to spend some time deciding who goes where...

Then, when you pay me a visit you can also do some blog-hopping straight from my launching pad.

Just doin' my bit to make Blogland a better place to visit :-)

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