Sunday, 16 November 2008

Layout 4 - Egg Hunt - Inside the Match Book

The long -awaited match book! Tadadada! I wrote directly onto the photos. I know, I'm one brave girl, but it really doesn't worry me, if I mess it up I'll make a plan, or as my Scrapbud Jax says..."You can always add a blom!" (Afrikaans for flower) Also love angling the photos & cutting them flush with the edge of the layout (or, in this case, mini-book) as shown on the left-hand side below.
As you can see, although the book cover opened up as per a 'normal' book the 'spine' of the mini-book inner pages is on the right, so , in my opinion, the contents of the book are kinda back to front...When I make another one I'm rather gonna do it the other way round so that the cover looks back-to-front but the inner pages open like a normal book, with the spine on the left. Maybe it's irrelevant, but some of these little things just DO bother me!

Never one to throw anything away if I can help it (let me off guys, I'm Zimbabwean!) I decided to use some of the larger flower cut-outs as journalling "spots". Couldn't bear to do it with the pukey pink ones but this butter yellow was rather mellow...It's not clear in the photos but I also inked the edges of the mini-book with the inkpad we were given-an olive green one. Not a colour I use a lot but wasn't bad on this particular layout.

A sweet montage of photographs of my son Reilly. a.k.a Bing. He was so enthusiastic that I ended up making another layout, entitled "King of the Hunt" especially for his own personal album. I don't have ONE memory of hunting for Easter eggs...think we may have just been given one egg each on Easter morning. That's what I love about scrapbooking. I know I can rewrite history for my children. I try not to miss a moment...

Well there it is. One way to get through ALOTTA photos all on one layout! What to learn? Keep a black & a brown fineliner in your tote at all times. Learn to love hand-journalling. Hunt out a good white 'milky' for writing on darker-coloured papers. (Not easy to find in this part of the world). My Secret? I am pen crazy! I keep a slim-line plastic container in my tote FULL of black, brown & white pens of various thicknesses. These are my 'staples'.
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Vicki said...

Wow - thats a great way to add a lot of photos to a layout. I do need a good white pen though.