Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Let me tell you some things about me...

I've been going through a litttle booklet we were all given at the Johannesburg Scrapbooking Convention in September this year, by Stacy Julien, and have adapted one of her pages and filled in my own 'answers'. Why not do the same for your blog? Good idea for a Scrapbook layout too don't ya think?

I NEVER RUN OUT OF ... love for my husband and kids.
I SMILE ... at the thought of my loved ones.
I AM LEARNING ... to accept less than perfect and be okay with it.
I AM WEARING ... my polka-dot pyjama pants!
I HAVE RECENTLY DISCOVERED ... that I need a new strategy...
I FIND IT UNFAIR ... that some people HAVE to work so much harder than others.
I COLLECT ... paper, cardstock and Scrapbooking magazines.
I MISS ... my teenagers not being kids anymore.
I LOVE TO CLEAN ... my scraproom, especially my desk.
I'VE KEPT ... my Tall Trees Storybook ... SINCE CHILDHOOD.
I WANT TO BE KNOWN FOR ... being a positive person & a dynamic Scrapbooker.
I SPLURGE ON ... printer cartridges, photo paper and scrap stash!!!
I KNOW FOR SURE ... that my husband adores me :-)
I KEEP ... my camera ... IN MY HANDBAG AT ALL TIMES.
I FEEL OVERWHELMED ... by the amount of photographs waiting to be scrapped!
I WANT ... everything worthwhile life has to offer...greedy huh?!

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