Wednesday, 19 November 2008

I got the Blinkies!

BIG thanks to my new Cyberbud Vicki! Thanks for the tip...I am delighted with my little set of "Blinkies"...For those of you who have NO idea what I'm talking about, look to the right & scroll down until you see the title "My Blinkies" right here on my blog! They are SO cool, right? Well, they may not be everybody's cup of tea I 'spose but this is MY blog, so they're here to stay! Dear Vicki pointed me in the obvious direction, & suggested I google "Scrapbooking Blinkies", which worked a treat. I keep forgetting to Google...sounds ridiculous but, until about 6 weeks ago, I didn't even have e mail, let alone "Google" anything, so sometimes I just need a gentle push in the right direction.

For any other Bloggers wanting to "steal" my Blinkies...please GO have my blessing! Haven't tested it yet, but it should work. If not just google them as I did, THEN right click on the one you want & copy ALL the URL (HTML text) you see in the "description" then PASTE it into your Blogger Gadget (choose the one that says "Add a picture") & remember to delete the http:// before you paste it as you will already have that, otherwise it will say INVALID URL & you will get frustrated, like I did, until I worked out what I was doing wrong!!! Then, using your keyboard arrows, use the LEFT one and keep pressing it till you get to the beginning of the address, ie http://. Once you get to the beginning it will start processing almost immediately & you will soon see your Blinkie appear. REMEMBER TO CLICK SAVE amidst all your excitement!!!

BTW I 'spose they are called BLINKIES 'cos they are animated so they kinda BLINK at you! (Took me a while to work that out...DAH!) And for anyone REALLY adventurous, you will also come across (on page 1 of your search) a tutorial for "How to make your own Blinkie" which sounds fascinating...I would LOVE to try it & know I will manage one day, but I'm a realist & I reckon I've done pretty well with my little blinkie selection, so am calling it a day for now.

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Vicki said...

That is so funny - you sure are addicted. I love blinkies too.