Friday, 14 November 2008

I'm on a Blinkie Hunt!

Well I managed to find one! Am pretty happy with cute and...well...blinkie! Am on the lookout for more so will be visiting all you bloggers to see if any of your blinkies have any twin siblings I can adopt. Mmm...think I'll be like Angelina & try to get one from each country!

Here are a coupla pics I took from my car window this week when I parked at the Mall. Couldn't set up the shots & haven't edited or anything, but this brazen pair were right next door to me & happy to have their photos taken!

Well, the week is nearly over & has been ongoingly busy down this neck of the woods...We have had some teenage family dramas in our household, fairly ongoing at this stage of our lives, & very draining! New baby is settling in well and "Royalty" has stopped hissing like a viper, so progress is being made there. We had a huge tropical storm this afternoon & it just kinda echoed my mood...Hope this weekend will be better!
As for weekend plans, I'm supposed to be buying a mini-bookshelf for my Scrap magazine collection,to go in my Scrap room, and measuring up my Scrap room back wall then going to the local DIY to buy shelving for hubby to install - BUT... I just may do NONE OF THE ABOVE 'cos, quite honestly, I don't feel like it! Poor Shane has been building a car with Jack the last coupla evenings, for a Tech project, and I ended up designing & sewing a mini-shirt for Reilly's Tech project! Poor boy did try but his attempt was nothing short of disastrous! What with evening school functions & our part in the kids' projects, we are actually in need of this weekend. .. May put all the HAVE TOs on the back burner & take a break to scrap instead. Just feel like "zoning out" for a while & being fed instead of doing the feeding, know what I mean?
Have been sitting at this computer for the best part of 8 hours now, up to all sorts as usual, and have been around the world & back, making many interesting discoveries along the way...
Hope to post new pics of the kitty tomorrow, plus a coupla layouts I completed this week with my Scrapbud Jax. Have done quite well on the Christmas shopping list. Have been dashing in & out of the nearest mall whenever I have had the chance, usually while waiting for a tennis or cricket lesson to be over. Got the artificial tree (not enough space for a lovely fir-branch unfortunately) out of the shed & de-cobwebbed it, ready for adornment. The little uns are dying to get going with the decorating so I thought, why not?, after all the shops are full of them already...

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