Sunday, 16 November 2008

Phew! That's a lot of posts for ONE layout!

Not sure why I got so carried away! Sorry! For all of you who have seen the post below, for some complicated reason, the other 3 posts I have written SINCE THEN have come out BELOW instead of above them, so PLEASE SCROLL DOWN to view.

Anyway, as you can imagine, I am exhausted after ALL THAT POSTING & am definitely let off for the next few days...

For those of you who are following my progress as a Blogger, and my efforts to become TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED (as opposed to "challenged") I uploaded my photos last night directly from Picasa, as opposed to "My Pictures" and it took exactly one eighth of the time, ie 3 minutes for 4 pictures, as opposed to 6 minutes for one (not too shabby at the maths hey?!) so this was a vast improvement for me. Limitation seems to be that one can only upload 4 photos per post as, if you select any more, they just don't arrive...ever!

Have noticed that my pc is definitely slower tho', since Picasa's arrival...? Have my IT man coming this week to see if we can speed things up again.

Have had a strange weekend...blinked & missed it. Don't seem to have done much. Have been enjoying the new fur-baby. Still need to upload those photos I know! Will try to do that soon. Had a nice drive yesterday, all the way to Shane's work place, pretty far from home, & my plan was to take photos all along the way, to give you peeps an idea of our surroundings here. Dear daughter had nicked my camera out my bag & not replaced it, so I was livid & now you get no photos...sorry! Dear hubby didn't help the situation either...when we arrived at the factory gate he realised that he had left his gate remote at home so we couldn't get in!! We were supposed to be collecting a surplus desk for Chelsea to use in her bedroom, now that she has a bit of space since we have relocated the pc.

Anyway, no problem, he collected it with her today & we decided yesterday that we would pop in to the new Westwood Mall here in Westville, rather than waste our journey, and we enjoyed that. It was lovely to walk around like a couple, with no children in tow for a change & the bonus was I found some lovely colourful pencil cases at CNA so bought one per colour/print way - 3 in total, & am going to add them to my travelling Scrapbooking bag, for adhesives, etc, as my poor tote is overflowing...

We have been enjoying some delicious meals in this house lately, courtesy of My Chef (see previous posts) ready-prepared food that comes with the recipe attached, and, interestingly, our grocery bill has not increased. We are now all enjoying the foods we each like (my family is VERY fussy & each person has different tastes) so everyone is happy & there is less wastage so mum's happy too...hate to waste!

Went to Mica for the shelves today (for my Scraproom makeover). Had to travel further afield than I had hoped, as the local branch does not have a big DIY section. Bought 2 white melamine shelves plus brackets & screws to match. Just gotta drill them up sometime soon. Not looking forward to it to be honest...terrified of DIY...need to get over my fear I know, it can't be that hard & it sure does save money!

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