Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Jack's Car

This post's really for the family, to see what our wee ones get up to...Poor Jack (& Shane I might add...) worked really had on this one. Tech mark was in the 70's so it was worth it at least. Note the Zim numberplate!

The photos don't do it justice...It was difficult to make & fully functional (okay, maybe not fully, but it DID move) & we dropped it by mistake so add ROBUST to that people!

What struck me about these photos (taken by Jack & added to a 24 page typed "Instruction Manual") was the artistry in the shots...clever boy has been watching mummy all this time... note the rugged background...achieved by placing the car on top of a bark "cobblestone"? thingy we have in our garden. He really thought about camera angles too. Standing up on things for the aerial shots & getting right down to ground level for the side-on shots. I love that some of the weird things he sees me do daily have obviously rubbed off on him...bless my boy!

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