Monday, 3 November 2008

I got 3 comments and another new follower!

I had a brainwave! (ting ting!!) as I was contemplating the hassle of splitting my blog in 2 (impossible...)/starting another personal blog and converting this one to 100% scrapbooking once my layouts were posted...From now on I am going to post Scrapbooking info in WHITE and Personal info in PINK to try and give this blog of mine a bit of definition okay?!

Wow, this blogging thing is really getting me excited! Today I logged on to find 3 comments and another follower! Thanks guys...really appreciate the interest. For anyone visiting my blog you just need to click on the icon photos on the right hand side to get directly into my follower"s blogs. JOANNE at "The way I see it..."and MELANIE from "The ScrapFan", both from Cape Town, also talented scrapbookers so check them out and add them to your "Blogs I Follow" if you want to keep up with the SA Scrapping Scene. We've got to make it happen ourselves girls because in my opinion there is no organisation out there (in South Africa) that is going to do it for us...

Another forward-thinking blog out there is "Journaling Junkies" where Stefanie is hard at work and you will definitely be inspired to think about how to incorporate journalling into your scrap-book layouts without developing writer's block! She has sent me a list of 45 different layouts that have already been featured on her blog and my challenge is to try to come up with something new and different and send her a layout. Well, I was "off duty" last night, enjoying my new copy of "Now" (trashy English gossip mag...gotta get it-lol) and it came to me as I turned to my fave interview!

I intend interviewing one of my family (or maybe even myself) and scraplifting the concept from Now's regular interview expose' page, called "My Secret Life" so am excited about that and will look for photos tomorrow, write out the "interview" and will need to take new photos for all the relevant subjects, ie Reading Material, Food, Clothing, etc. (Stacey Julien's class at the Johannesburg Scrapbooking Convention this year anyone?!) a similar concept about where YOU are in your life right now, but with alot more direction on the journalling front. Looking forward to working on this piece and you will all be able to view it on the "Journalling Junkies" website within the next month or so. I have a link directly to Stefanie's site under "Blogs I Follow" on the right-hand side of my blog so just click on it to check it out.

BTW I am regularly updating this list - BLOGS I FOLLOW - to make it easy for ME and YOU to get directly into other blogs just by clicking on the Blog names on the right-hand side of my blog. I think I have close on 50 now and I have checked them all out thoroughly...if they are there they deserve to be. Either they are interesting Scrapbookers from around the world or they are South African Scrapbookers (the best of course, lol!) or industry people here that we need to keep an eye on to keep abreast with any new and exciting (haha-never seems to be...) events or challenges going on in our new "democracy" (lol)

Todays news...spent a few hours filing (boring but someone's gotta do it...) and now have 4 lovely plump (bright yellow, lekker!) folder files full of lots info relating to my PERSONAL life and my SCRAPBOOKING life so am feeling hyper-organised today people! My big girl is in the midst of end of year exams right now and hard at work so I had to collect her mid-morning today and she is STILL at the breakfast nook, nose in the books, PTL I don't have to hassle her, she just gets on with it. I took my other 3 to M&A at Gateway for lunch today (mother's guilt for my 'heavy' computer weekend) so more pizza...I SO need to go on a detox...

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Vicki said...

I love your enthusiasm for blogging and can still remember my excitement in the early days when I got comments and even more so when I found out that they were from around the world.