Monday, 17 November 2008

A week in Review (Jack's highlights/Daisy comes home)

I'm sure you can all tell I've overcome my photo downloading problems! Hence tons of photos being posted daily. For anyone who's interested I downloaded Picasa 3, as suggested by Blogger, and all I'm doing is selecting the photos I want to publish, then clicking "Blog This!" Have just seen that I can edit the photos right in Picasa, before posting them, so they should all be better quality from now on. I usually only do the editing prior to printing in my photo-editing programme, Photosmart Premier, but am already won over by Picasa's more comprehensive editing options.

Last week Jack was awarded the "Sportsman of the Year" award for the Under 13 age group at his local Football Club, for the 2nd year running! Jack top scored with 17 goals this season, in 13 games. Not bad my boy! He is Manchester United obsessed & Ryan Giggs is his personal hero.

The following night we went to the Scholarship Awards at one of our local High Schools, where Jack was one of 50 boys to receive a Scholarship for a school with approximately 1000 learners.

Our first photo of Daisy Bucket, whilst we were still at the vet. Held by her "mum", Chelsea...

Baby makes herself quite at home in my Scraproom.
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Cathy said...

Congrats to Jack on both accounts... good job. And yur kitten is just tooooooooooo adorable. I would definately have one just like that if I wasn't allergic!