Thursday, 27 November 2008

Thursday's thoughts...

I think...

1) I need to get some serious scrapping done...I feel like I'm getting behind now...I'm seriously into this blogging thing & lovin' it but gotta remember why I started my blog in the first place!

2) My eldest daughter, Chelsea, is just growing up so fast now & is just so lanky like her dad (she is taller than me now & I really never thought that would happen...) & so good...keep waiting for the serious jolling (socializing) fever to start but she's still so sweet & naive (me thinks so anyway...)

3) I could really leave Africa & not miss the weather as much as all other Africans tell me I will...would definitely miss Mercy though, she is on semi-leave at the moment & working 3 days a week instead of 5...& we are ALL missing her! (bear in mind we have had this luxury all our lives & don't really know how to live without it...worrying..!)

4) My baby girl is really NOT a baby anymore!!! She is also going the way of all lankiness & it's only of late that I struggle now to pick her up...she has been on my hip for the last 8 years! Skinny as she may be, she is just getting TOO tall. I know I must come to terms with it but I just feel such needs me THAT MUCH anymore! :-(

5) I have to get my head around Christmas & start enjoying it more. I really am trying this year round & hopefully Shimelle's class will also get me going!

6) Good discipline can never be underestimated...hard as it is there is NO substitute. My 13 (going on 30) year old son has just completed a 2 week grounding & has come out the other side SO much nicer! Amen!!!


Vicki said...

Theres something about teenagers - your turn will come with all the socialising. Rebecca didn't really start until she got her job and met a whole new group of people. Luckily for us they are a "nice" group of kids.

topkatnz said...

YEP, more scrapping, less blogging ... it's something we all should do ... I'm looking forward to a quiet and relaxing low-key xmas this year.