Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Daisy Bucket is Growing Up!

Here are some recent photos of our new little fur baby, Daisy Bucket. Good news is that Coco Blush (our 1 year old fur baby) has finally stopped spitting like a Cobra & baring her teeth like a Vampire...I was starting to think that my 2 furbabies would never get along so Thank Goodness all the animosity seems to be dying down at long last. They even touched noses today!
Isn't she cute? She is so confident & settled already & has never batted an eyelid over Coco's bad behaviour. She has just persevered with her friendly advances & finally it has paid off!
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Vicki said...

She is definitely so cute - perhaps Coco finally realised it too.

topkatnz said...

ahhhhh!! soooo gorgeous!

Cathy said...

she looks quite at home... very sweet

pam said...

she is sooo sweet!