Saturday, 15 November 2008

More on Layout 4 : Easter Hunt

Well, here you have it...all the details...close up...Here you see the deliberately "wobbly" hand-doodling. Quite dig it...just sayin'! Also sanded some of the photos a bit on the edges, like the l'il one here of Jack...reckon this layout had a nice, naive, homespun feel to it. Take note of the word EASTER in close-up. (refer to last post!).

Isn't white bazzill just the business?! Like the idea of the bracket shape a LOT - see the 'point' of it in the photo below. Makes for a nice change from the usual tearing/straight/wavy line scenario! Okay, in these pics I can actually see that the light isn't great on the photos...too harsh & overhead...but we are great ones for staying up too late & sleeping in in the mornings over weekends! Jack's in none of the group photos 'cos he's such a joller he was sleeping over at a friend's house so only came home late Sunday afternoon.

The torn effect coupled with the fingernail distressing is a good look...The background colour of the printed cardstock actually matches perfectly with these pictures, which was all down to luck really...I did make sure tho' that the kids dressed nicely colour-co-ordinated with one another, in gentle "Easter" shades. Not kidding! Do make my family think a bit about what they wear on special occasions, to make my life easier when it comes to selecting paper to match. It's either that or printing all these types of days in black & white, which can be a bit drab.

Some of the delicious goodies I used to embellish. Very Shimelle Laine don't you think? That girl's pages are positively edible! Love the felt cut-out flower, which is actually self-adhesive. Must try & remember the manufacturer! Also layered-up the flowers, with different colours & textures but all falling under the same "nyum-nyum" theme...Also liked the pretty pink print we were supplied with. Think we were each only given half a sheet though, which I thought rather stingy...

Another close-up. Loving the little crochet flowers...Only thing I don't like is that they come with a tiny pearl bead sewn in the centre. Would prefer them plain so that they are more flexi - nothing against the bead & have used them "as is" on appropriate pages, but have just as often cut off the bead & replaced it with a brad or button instead. This broad range of embellishments may look lush but is not necessarily pricey as the paper flowers stretch the more luscious goodies that little bit further.
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