Saturday, 1 November 2008

Blog Lingo

Found this little pic somewhere, can't remember where, honest...I get around...think it was an "award" on someone's blog so thought I would award it to myself...what?...why not?! Good thing about it is you can all cut and paste it like I did and award it to yourselves too! Go on, you deserve it!

Just been blogging about in Cyberspace and saw this on Journaling Junkies and had to "bloglift" some of it! Have taken out all the irrelevant ones as they were on a Mxit page (sure that needs no explanation...!) but thought they were fun... I'm a great texter, love smsing and try to use all the lingo, although it normally falls on 'deaf' ears as no-one knows what I'm talking about! I've also come across a bit of "Blog Lingo" in my short time in Blogland so for all you novices out there (like me!) here's what we can add to our repertoire...I've even added in a few myself!

irl = in real life
lmk = let me know
gtk = good to know
btw = by the way
brb = be right back
nvm = never mind
gtg = got to go
bb = bye
byety = by and thank-you
uw = you’re welcome
np = no problem
kwl = cool
tks = thanks
gf = girl friend
lol = laugh out loud
rofl = roll on the floor laughing
gud = good
cgz = congratulations
fyi = for your information
atm= at the moment
pic = picture
y = why?
u = you
c = see
dif = different
btw = by the way
kk = million
k = thousand
nmp = not my problem
nop = not our problem

So there you go. Add THAT to your Blog Dictionary Cyber-junkies!!!

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