Saturday, 11 October 2008

What happened to yesterday?

Well...a good part of yesterday was spent TRYING to LEARN MORE about blogging, in order to make my blog more TEMPTING and USER FRIENDLY. I spent time @ compiling a basic music playlist to add to my blog, only to find that I couldn't add it even though I should be able to. Transferring playlists to blogs is an option and I have investigated and seen that it HAS BEEN DONE but sadly, not by me...YET!

I did manage to transfer it to FACEBOOK where I now have a (lame!) profile with NO FRIENDS so any of you who are on, please be my friend 'cos my kids are laughing at me :-( Truthfully, 2 peeps did want to be my friend but I don't know them from a bar of soap so thought that would be inappropriate and turned them down! Not much idea of how Facebook works and don't really think it is for me(it may appeal when I learn how to use it!) For now blogging is taking up enough of my time and tearing me away from my creative space, which is rather distressing. To top it all, my Facebook playlist doesn't even play!! Gotta laugh...

Am also working on the photo thing and think I am making progress...will keep you posted. Having to share a computer with 4 kids is also SO not working out! Especially in a teen bedroom with E! TV blaring, etc so I have our IT man booked for Wednesday to quote me for upgrading Shane's (state of the ARK) home PC so the 2 younguns can hopefully use that as I am becoming increasingly unpopular in my household...!

I have found a few (listed to the right) other blogs that are JUST BEAUTIFUL and I am spending time going through them for inspiration and trying to emulate them - not easy with my limited IT skills. I'm hoping to look back on this post in a few weeks and see how far I've come. As long as I am learning something new everyday I'm happy!

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