Thursday, 23 October 2008

Resolution Rules

If you're anything like me you start panicking in October. Suddenly the stores are all full of Christmas decorations and all your relatives want to know what you're doing for the holidays! I never really enjoy it as the 'mum' because I'm the one that has to make it all happen! I was tidying out my bedside drawer the other day and came across an interesting little article about GOAL SETTING. This is something that always plays on my mind come end-of-year. I look back at the current year, that seems to fly past faster and faster the older I get, and I'm always slightly disappointed at not having achieved MORE. Truthfully, I KNOW I do achieve a lot but there always seems to be more on that darn To Do list of mine...

To be GOAL SMART here is the recipe:-

S=SPECIFIC:-ie, I want to continually improve on my scrapbooking. I know that means trying out a lot of new stuff but I am willing and able and I have my inspiration sources in place (my 3 magazine subscriptions from different corners of the globe) and am prepared to do what it takes to push that envelope! Next year I want specifically to GET UP TO DATE. No, really...I know a lot of you don't even contemplate it but I really want to try, and the end is in sight! I know I need a separate plan just to achieve this and that it will be hours and hours of work so I need to work out a realistic schedule.

M=MEASURABLE:-find a way to quantify your achievement. For me, this will obviously be the amount of layouts I can achieve per week using my old photos, in order to bring things up to date, and the amount of new layouts I complete that 'push the boundaries' with new and interesting techniques, etc.

A=ACHIEVABLE:-make realistic targets, happens. Don't set yourself up for a fall. Allow for some adjustments to your program along the way if neccessary.

R=REALISTIC:-become the best you can be, not neccessarily THE BEST.

T=TANGIBLE:-Know what your goal "looks like", ie:- how many albums you want to see completed by the end of the year and what quality you will accept. If you are learning and experimenting allow for this as it is difficult to quantify. What counts is that you know what it has taken for you to get to a certain point and be satisfied.

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