Thursday, 9 October 2008

My First Day of Blogging

I created this blog myself so am quite impressed, in fact, flabbergasted, that I managed! I thought I would need an IT specialist to set it up for me, so for your information, it can be done WITH EASE. I have tons of stuff I want to load on to my blog as soon as I learn how to do it so WATCH THIS SPACE. I am wanting to interact with like-minded souls and thought this would be one way to start. Most of my days involve creativity in some form or other but today was particularly uneventful in that area as it was filled with chores and paperwork.

I'm finding this whole computer thing very time-consuming as I 'm still unsure of what I'm doing so I've been here for the last 6 hours. I just got e-mail 2 weeks ago...yes...for the first time ever!! Unreal I know, but I have had ALOT going on in my life for years and no time to sit at a computer. SAD i know!! Anyway, all that is about to change and I want to commit to some time everyday to download my thoughts,etc and get into this blogging lark. Will try and add some more photos tomorrow and need to start photographing my layouts to upload. Till then....

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