Friday, 31 October 2008

Getting organized for my new Blogging Lifestyle!

At least once a week I give my kids the camera (one of the two) and send them around the house/property scouting for photo opportunities. They love it and my younger son Reilly is particularly artistic about it. This is his "shot of the week" taken while the rest of the family were slaving away, working on the bookshelf...!

This PC in the kid's bedroom thing is so not working out. For example, here I am at 2 o'clock in the morning, still tinkering away on the keyboard, poor son asleep next to me, with the light on, and daughter passed out where I'm meant to be, next to dear hubby! I did try to reorganize things BEFORE I took over but couldn't convince anyone that I really was going to start my own blog and I really was going to be on the computer A LOT from now on. They all laughed...they said "Mum, you've got no idea how to even work a computer let alone a blog, hee, hee, hee!" He said..."there's no point moving the computer for you 'cos you're never on it!" Ever tried to work out the chicken and the egg story? Which comes first?...well, that's how I felt...I WAS never on it BECAUSE I couldn't get to it!!!Grrrr...

Anyway, 3 weeks and little sleep later, they're convinced and we're moving the computer!!!

Before this could happen tho' it needed a new home and we decided that in the passage was a good spot (it is quite wide and there is a perfect place at one end) plug socket! Why is my life always so complicated??? Before I could call our dear, reliable electrician (NOT!) we HAD to buy a bookshelf as said chosen spot had rows of books propped up against said chosen wall. I have been hankering after a decent bookshelf all my married life but with 4 kids there have always been other priorities! I tootled off to Mistry's on Monday and found the perfect one, jotted down all the details, and passed them onto DH, who ummed and aaahed about the rising cost of living, then sent me a picture of a bookshelf half the price!

I could see it was going to be that or nothing so I settled for a ginormous one suitable for Lever Arch files in a lawyer's office...not exactly what I'd had in mind but purposeful nonetheless! Only problem was it was i.n. k.i.t. f.o.r.m...which meant it was going to take (us!) weeks to assemble.
DH assured me it would take '5 minutes' so he set to work and I set the timer (hee hee!) Several hours later there it stood and we were all amazed when it was still there 5 minutes later and hadn't collapsed! Chelsea and I took a couple of hours to fill it up (it's BIG) then admired our handiwork and decorated it with all the random things around the house that never had a proper 'home', Furby, for example! as the shelves are all so deep that, even when they are full of books, there is still space in front of them.

It looks great and the rest of the house does too as there are no more random items around (they're all on said bookshelf!) so that was a real family affair and now I have my computer space at last! Just need to give Jim a call and have him come and fit the socket...could be waiting weeks!

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