Monday, 13 October 2008

Well here I am again!...

Trying to make some more progress... I have spent the last coupla hours loading the software for my new Panasonic Lumix camera and then trying to find out how I can get all the photos that I managed to upload into the Photofun Studio Package onto my blog. It seems this can only be done via e mail from myself to my blog with an e mail address given to me in my blog's settings page. Well, over an hour later, the photos have not arrived at the blog and are less than 20% through. There must be a quicker way!!

Please, IF ANY BLOGGER CAN HELP, please add a comment to this post to tell me where I am going wrong and/or how I can get my photos onto my blog. I aim to do this a lot, perhaps even daily, as it's obviously a simple procedure WHEN YOU KNOW HOW! So that has been my daily contribution to my blog and I intend to keep my PC running tonight in case I disturb the importing procedure. PLEASE may I wake up tomorrow morning to find all my photos waiting for me in a draft post! If so you will see some of them attached to tomorrow's post.

I have also done a bit of editing as my dear friend pointed out some inaccuracies with dates, etc, today, so I have carefully reread my posts thus far and everything should now be 100% accurate. Thanx Jax, you are now my official proof reader! I have a house guest this week so I may have to put my blogging research on hold for a while in order to be be a good hostess. Wanting to have my home looking spik and span for the arrival of my guest, I spent some time tidying up my scraproom. What a job! I have TOO MUCH STUFF or, rather, not enough storage space! I am always on the lookout for new and innovative ideas to organise one's 'stash', especially as I don't want to custom make any fitted furniture as I am not going to be permanently based in South Africa.

I hope to give my room - "The Zone" as it's affectionately known in my household, a mini make-over this week so will take some photos once a bit of order has been restored. I am also working on my photo files on my PC and doing some organised filing and editing. Digital photography has given us all FAR TOO MANY images to possibly scrap in our lifetimes. I recently watched Annie Liebowitz's autobiography, Life thru' a Lens, and one of her quotes came to mind today while I was wading through folder upon folder of JPEGs. She said that one of the most important lessons she had learnt in her career was to EDIT so I will be doing some serious editing this week.

At a recent convention here STACEY JULIAN was the guest speaker and she was also very vocal on this topic. She has a few books out on organisational skills re: scrapbooking so hopefully I will have some time soon to look online and see which of her books I should start with. She also said, interestingly enough, that if we all read one book a month on the topic of our passion we would become experts! Logical enough really, so one of my goals for 2009 is to do just that. When I have decided on my 12 books for the new year I will post the list on to my blog and any interested scrappers can TAKE UP THE CHALLENGE!

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