Sunday, 12 October 2008

To me it's still Saturday...

It's 12.30 and time has run away with me as usual! Have spent the last couple of hours on Andrea Robertson's blog -Life in Linfield- and have added it to my blog list for anyone wanting to look it up. Although not a scrapbooking blog she does scrap, which is how I got to know about her blog. Hers is the first blog I ever viewed and was really the catalyst for my interest in blogging. I subscribe to a monthly 'kit' - a scrapbooking 'package' that is sent through the post and consists of everything needed to complete a few layouts aswell as photos of what your finished layout should look like, and all relevant instructions and templates - and Andrea worked for the kit company. When she left South Africa a few months ago she sent all kit subscriber's her blog address to follow her progress settling into life in England.

By the by...I subscribe for fun and because I want to feel part of the South African scrapbooking community (although I am fast learning that sadly there's no such 'universal' thing and rather many isolated bunches of clicky people). My friend and I both subscribe to the kits and often scrap them together. We enjoy seeing what we've got-nothing beats a surprise package in the post-and we don't follow the instructions or copy the layout-but do our 'own thing' with our surprise supplies- rather like a 'challenge'. For me it's about 'stretching', ie:- having to work with supplies that may not be what I would normally go for, which I think keeps me on the road to better scrapbooking.

Anyway, I just love her blog because it is all about relocating to the English countryside, which is something that has long appealed to me...very interesting and informative for 'Africans' terrified of making that inevitable move across the world.

My blog is making me want to cry...I spent ALL day trying to fix it up and get it finished only to import a corrupt gadget (a free add-on) that froze the whole thing. When I finally...HOURS later...managed to nip in to my 'edits' before it had time to 'hang' on me again, I managed to identify and delete the corrupt gadget and get my blog going again, only to find that my hit counter, hit location map and playlist (that I had imported today from various different sites at great pains...) had not saved on my blog because of the norty gadget. Boo hoo!! So much for setting up a blog WITH EASE as I said in my first post! It's NOT EASY and flippin' frustrating but I still believe it's worth it and I'm determined to soldier on...for all of you who know me personally you'll know this is one of my WORST traits...I never give up! Sometimes I think my life would be a lot easier if I did! On certain things anyway...

Well this is not one of them so here I am, typing in my post, exhausted as usual, having done nothing creative because I don't have time anymore!!! Too busy trying to set up my blog and learn how to manage hoo...ha ha...I'm tired and confused...I had a lot of creative thoughts today, while all this was going on so will share them with you tomorrow. Another day, another opportunity. I will do my best to reload my blog and hopefully by Monday my blog will be complete, minus the photos, again!!

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Andrea said...

Hi Helen, well done on getting your blog up and running and thanks for your kind words about mine, I love blogging and it has become a bit like a drug (not unlike scrapping actually) - I am glad that you are enjoying reading about our "life in Lindfield" and I hope, as Nicholas grows to be able to post more scrapping layouts to the blog as well.

I remember you from Scrapkits and am glad that you are still subscribing, leaving the business and selling my share to Tracy was one of the hardest things I had to do, but she is an amazing scrapper and I know she has been including some of her own product designs in the latest kits so would love to see what you have done with them once you are more comfortable posting layouts.

Anyway, must dash it is afer midnight here and I am waiting for my baby to wake for a feed and then I am off to bed.

Keep well and happy blogging.