Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Photo success at last!

Well there you have it!! and, no, of course this was NOT waiting for me in my draft posts this morning! Who knows were those 20 photos ended up!! Anyway, the loading of this photo was just a test to see if I could load a photo using another method. Yay! Now I need to start photographing all my layouts and seeing how they look uploaded on my blog.
This is a very recent photo of me and my 2 youngest taking a walk along the Beach Promenade at Umhlanga Rocks. Gosh, I am excited to have come this far...photos will be rolling in thick and fast from now on! For those of you who need to know, I have spent the last hour in the Blogger Help Centre reading FAQs and viewing Help tutorials. I never found any photo information funnily enough but I did find out how to download a video. Well as this stage I don't even know how to TAKE/MAKE a video with my new (or my old, to be truthful!!) camera but I just applied the same principles and voila!
Go into 'create post'-click the photo icon, select import from computer, click 'browse' go to 'My pictures' where I imported all my photos from my new camera last night, click on chosen photo and WAIT (quite a while I might add...) then when those glorious words YOUR SAVING WAS SUCCESSFUL appear click on view blog and...phew! There it is...-technology...amazing stuff! Laters...

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Xclamation !! said...


Just saw your blog.....well the name "Scrap Addict" while searching for something on google... sounded very interesting and hence had to visit your blog.

Well i hope you have had some success in uploading the photos......if you are still encountering some problems, let me know.

All the very best.