Thursday, 23 October 2008

Emotional Literacy-A guide to better journalling.

Before we get started just thought I'd add a photograph of my blossoming teenage girl with her very special friend Jo

As scrapbookers, we are continually reading and being told that journalling is all-important. For me, this took a few years to sink in. I was more excited at the thought of getting my photos organised into chronological order! (wouldn't Stacey Julien just LOVE to hear that, lol!) and I was too mesmerised by all the 'sweeties' (embellishments) on offer, to really care!

As the years went by I began to gain a deeper understanding into the idea behind journalling. We think we'll never forget but, alas, we do! Any of you my age will agree, we forget more with each passing year! Sometimes seeing photos alone is not enough to prompt our old memories and having all the details jotted down is S.O. C.O.O.L years later when you read it and it all comes flooding back! Remember too that there will sadly be a time when you are no longer around when your kids are looking through their albums. What would history be without dates? In the same way, a date on a scrapbooking page is practically compulsory if you ask me. I say practically because I'm a great believer in learning all the rules before you break them if you like!

Here are 10 ways to kickstart your Emotional Literacy, adapted from another little article I found hiding in my bedside drawer...

1. Keep a journal and write about your everyday experiences, thoughts, etc, whatever you have time for.
2. Make a time-line of your life, ie your achievements aswell as your state of mind at the time. Try to remember and record the memories and emotions you experienced at those times.
3. Consider what shaped your beliefs and attitudes and how these influence your daily actions now. You may want to do some reprogramming at this point!
4. Reflect on the way you express your emotion and what's behind your style, ie:-if you have angry outbursts ask yourself why and what you can do to change. Acknowledge. Accept. Reprogram.
5. Harness your creativity. Yay! This is what scrapbooking is all about!! Creative energy is a wonderful way to clear away our defence mechanisms. That's why scrapbooking can be so cathartic. So, you see, it's not just about the art. It's a wonderful emotional healer too.
6. Stop the 'poor me' cycle. Whatever has happened to you, there are not many people, if any, out there that are not scarred with some type of emotional baggage. Choose to be a victor, not a victim.
7. Let old wounds heal. If you have unfinished business that is consuming your energy, either try to make peace with those concerned, or make peace with yourself about it.
8. Give thanks for 5 good things EVERY DAY.
9. Practise being a good listener. Look for the human being in those you dislike.
10. If you feel blocked, troubled or depressed, get some professional help and support.

While the little article I have adapted is not specifically about scrapbooking I found it very interesting and certainly feel that putting all these things into practice makes for better journallers, which in turn, makes for more meaningful layouts. I've certainly enjoyed my scrapping even more since I've really soul-searched for the right words to convey my emotions on a layout. Try it out, I'm sure you'll agree.

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jax said...

so proud of you coming so far in such a short time! Makes me think that I should also be doing this blogging thing. J