Thursday, 23 October 2008

Layout Idea-Things I know for sure-October 2008

After my forced sabatical from blogging I have just spent a couple of hours on my favourite 'personal' (non-scrapping) blog, Life in Lindfield. Ah, what a lovely escape it is to chill and read through Andrea's blog! She is living my fantasy life and I am SO jealous!! I know it doesn't appeal to everyone but life in a rural village in England is just what I'm after now. I have probably lived over half my lifetime already and 95% of it has been in Africa. I am 'gatvol' (full-to-the-brim) with all the nonsense we have to endure in the so-called THIRD world. I call it the LOST world!!!

Anyway, back to the business of blogging...Andrea has inspired me yet again (I'm starting to really dig this girl!) with one of her latest posts. A GREAT SCRAPBOOKING LAYOUT IDEA. "Things I know for sure at ....(here you put in your age or the year) then you make your journalling list alongside a current photograph of yourself and pop it into your "Book of Me" album-something we should ALL have! Year after year imagine how interesting it will be to look back on your annual layouts and see how you have grown as a person and how your priorities may have changed? I can't wait to get started and plan to do a new layout along the same lines every year. What a gift it will be to my children when I am gone, a real Legacy.
Here goes...

"Things I know for sure in October 2008"

1. I am really unphotogenic but am trying my best to get my husband and kids to take more photos of me as I am conspicuously absent from most of our family layouts (I am always behind the lens).
2. I really do adore my current family (the one I have created, ie:-my husband and kids) and thank God for giving me a second chance.
3. I will never get tired of my husband - 24 years together and our relationship just goes from strength to strength with each passing year.
4. It's a good thing to plan ahead and for the future but your life is in God's hands and sometimes you may end up where you least exected!
5. It's better to accept your situation and make the most of it than waste time complaining.
6. More than half the world's population lives below the poverty line so I am grateful for a roof over my head and food in my stomach (and don't need any more than that to be happy).
7. Friends come and go in life so just enjoy them as much as possible while they are around and don't panic, there are other good people out there and you will eventually find them!
8. Most of my clothes are pink or brown-this is very obvious now that I have arranged my wardrobe by colour!
9. Kids become teenagers literally overnight so hug and kiss them as much as possible before they grow up! (luckily I still have another 2 'little ones' to enjoy!)
10. Road rage is a reality in South Africa and for some reason unbeknown to me South Africans are the most aggressive race I've met-just laugh or you could get shot!
11. I can cook just fine, in fact, I can actually cook quite well (and now that I have more confidence I actually quite enjoy it)!
12. Life is all about choices and there are trade-offs for everything-there is no perfect life.
13. A house is not a home without a cat.
14. I will always be over ambitious, it's my nature.
15. I don't really care if the sun doesn't shine every day. Quite honestly I enjoy the overcast weather we get here in Spring. Why does everyone call the weather 'bad' when it is so fresh and cool?
16. I love plants and gardening but I absolutely hate sitting outside by the pool (strange but true...)
17. My love for scrapbooking will never ever die.
18. Change is Good. (Mr. Price slogan) so true...I have had to reprogram myself on this one but now I genuinely look forward to it.
19. There is nothing wrong with being alone. I have learnt this year how good it can be.
20. Leaving my hometown of Harare at the end of 2005 was the best thing we ever did, and the most difficult.
21. Some relationships are not worth salvaging.
22. Blood is not thicker than water. Sometimes Jesus turns that 'water' into blood.
23. Parenting is a learning curve and I don't always get it right first time but my kids will survive (and hopefully forgive me for it)!
24. I far prefer my 'new' simpler life in South Africa.
25. I'm probably always going to feel tired most of the time!

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