Monday, 13 October 2008

This is giving me a pain...

Just logging in to this blog is proving to be a challenge...the whole thing is mega time-consuming 'cos things are just not going according to plan! Yet again this post has tomorrow's date on it because it is after midnight and I am still sitting here trying to work out how this wretched site works!!!??? I'm not going to be able to post every day or I'll have to put my children up for adoption and find my husband a new companion!!

I've just spent a coupla hours on other blogs and it has been interesting and mind-blowing! I am excited and disappointed all at once. There is just SO MUCH OUT THERE scrapbooking related that I don't really know where to start and it feels a bit like I'm not making headway but rather going around in circles, anyone out there know what I mean?! Well, you wouldn't I 'spose unless you'd been experiencing this whole thing with me!!

I have been trying to get through the 3 mags I currently subscribe to in order to decide on my plan of action for the month and the month is running away with me! I got through SCRAPBOOK INSPIRATIONS last week. What a wonderful issue. FULL of great ideas and can't wait to get started on them all. CREATING KEEPSAKES arrived last week, late as usual, so it has been a bit of a disappointment lately, from that aspect. Scrapbooking Memories is pretty good this month and I am very taken by the clock idea and can't wait to get to the local discount store to rip a clock apart for the mechanism and operating parts. Hope to do that in the morning. Next I'll need a canvas to design the 'clock' on and it should all be very exciting and a good project to teach others via the local scrap store. They are interested in me putting together a morning workshop and I reckon this would appeal to most people and be something different yet useful. An 'off the page' project that wouldn't be a dust collector!

Also spotted some lovely mini album projects that appeal and have found Ali Edwards new book online locally so will do a bit of mini-booking in the Christmas holidays, as we are no longer going away. I have BOXES of offcuts and they are irritating me and adding to the clutter in my scrap room so it is my December challenge to use them up mindfully rather than throwing them away. Mini books are just perfect for that and have that 'cuteness' appeal... is the web address if you wanna check out the clock idea and be inspired to use up your offcuts on some mini books this holiday season. I picked up some really sweet embellishment boxes today at Home,etc at Gateway. R35 each (US$3.50) - good price for South Africa. They are thick coloured plastic and semi translucent so I got 3 white and 3 turquoise and have arranged the colours alternately in 2 rows of 3, one on top of the other, on my desk. F.U.N.K.Y.!!! All my drawers are FULL and I need more storage space! Found some lovely new sites today. Will list them here tomorrow along with some new additions to Blogs I follow. This blogging is getting addictive......

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