Thursday, 30 October 2008

I've been tagged!

Yes I realise this is a strange image, which is why I've chosen to place it on the same post as my 7 Random Facts!! Just goes to show that, even in a technologically challenged household, we all have too many phones!!!

I am soooo excited...'cos I've been tagged! Don't actually know what that means and will have to look into it later but am so excited at the thought that someone has actually read my blog!!that I can't wait to take up the challenge! My boys are waiting at school to be collected and I can see I'm going to be late so have to get on with it!

I have been asked to list 7 facts about myself on my Blog then 'tag' another 7 people to do the same. I follow loads of blogs but don't know most of the people IRL so will try and 'tag' them. Hope they don't mind?!

Fact 1:- I LOVE tall people! I just have this natural affinity for anyone (in fact anything) tall. My husband is 6ft4" and I just love HIM. His height was the first thing that attracted me to him and I love that I fit just under his shoulder! I have had various tall friends in my life and am always on the lookout for new ones. Of course, I have friends of all heights but if you're tall, watch out, I'll be after you!...

Fact 2:- About height, again... I have a few OCDs (Obsessive Compulsive Disorders!) and one of them is that I have to arrange everything in height order (aswell as at right angles, no diagonals for me p.l.e.a.s.e!) so my toiletries on my dressing table need to go from tallest on the left to shortest on the right - the other way would be backwards you we read from left to right!

Fact 3:- I only read FACT. Boring I know, but I reckon my life is exciting enough...I do LOVE reading though and read just about anything with writing on it. I love newspapers and have my favourite magazines that I buy and some I love SO much that I subscribe to them for fear of missing an issue!

Fact 4:- I ALWAYS wanted 4 children but only girls! What was I thinking?! I now have 2 girls and 2 boys and it is just wonderful. My life is full of FIFA (Computer soccer) and real-life football and I am an avid Manchester United supporter and wouldn't have it any other way!

Fact 5:- I like to drink something HOT and something COLD at THE SAME TIME, so usually order a glass of water with my cappucino and am happiest at my computer with an orange and soda and a mug of tea!

Fact 6:- I hate tomatoes. Cannot eat them! Never have, never will! Uuuugh......YUK!

Fact 7:- I love karaoke! I'm even surprised by that one myself...If you haven't tried it you should...

So there you go, I did it! Took up the TAG CHALLENGE! Thanks Andrea, that was fun! Now I am 5 minutes late to get the boys and I haven't even left home! Oh dear...

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Andrea said...

hee hee....loved those helen and see that you managed to sort out the linking.