Friday, 24 October 2008

How to Create a Legacy - Part 3

Anybody recognize this photo from the Johannesburg Scrapbooking Convention this year? I used it, blown up to A4 size, on a layout that I entered into the Talent Search Competition. It's of my youngest son, Reilly, looking sun-flushed and happy on a weekend away at Bazley Beach, South Coast, KZN.

3. Keep A Journal

This is the ultimate and sometimes I do it and sometimes I don't. I'm not a great journal keeper and don't know many people who are! I'm thinking about creating a private blog just for it actually. I have far too many notebooks and pieces of paper so this is part of my Paper Eradication drive! The idea behind a Journal is that you jot down your thoughts and feelings whilst everything is still fresh in your mind, rather than when you are looking back on the photos you are scrapbooking, sometimes several years later. I have half journals here, there and everywhere and intend to start transferring them to one book (or private blog for now). I love it when I come across them. I am a firm believer in them, just not a firm doer!! Must remember to add this to my list of New Year's Resolutions for 2009!

A journal should serve as an authentic account of daily life and bring faded memories to life once more in years to come. When your children look back on your journal they may learn a thing or two about you that they never knew, and may even understand themselves better...Recording memories in this way is also more than just a practical tool to preserve your heritage. It is also a therapeutic process that allows you time to think, deal with emotions and bring closure. By making the effort you are leaving your mark on this world, never to be forgotten.

One more thing that I think is a very handy tool for scrapbookers is an Inspiration Journal. I have one of these but again, sometimes it is on the go and I am constantly jotting down ideas and sticking in bits and bobs, and at other times it lies dormant when my life gets busy...It's a must tho', really, if you want to remember all those brainwaves you have at odd hours of the early morning, keep it tucked down the side of your bed, where mine is, with a pen slotted into the spiral binding, so you always have it accessible. More importantly, refer to it, use it, put those ideas you found or had into practice and create those inspired layouts! If you don't want to cut things out of magazines do what I do and jot down the magazine name, issue and page so you can find exactly what you are looking for when you finally get down to creating your layout.

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