Friday, 31 October 2008

What happened to Tuesday?

This pic is of the family cat, Coco Blush. Isn't she just beautiful?

Well Tuesday is Scrap and Chat day. I get to spend all morning with my "Cyber Chum" IRL & we do lotsa scrapping and lotsa chatting. I finished a layout and started another one, which I finished on Wednesday. I must hurry up and photograph them to show you all I know! Tuesday afternoons are known as Terrific Tennis Tuesdays to me and Terrible Tennis Tuesdays to my two young ones! It's a mad rush to pick them up from separate schools and get them home, fed and ready then out again, while picking up my other daughter in between, and getting her home again before taking them out! As soon as I have them dropped off I'm off again to fetch my son then we have a teeny bit of time to do some exploring before it's time to fetch them again. This week I went to my local craft shop, one that stocks scrapbooking materials,etc aswell as a lot of other stuff for decoupage,etc.

Well, what a disappointment! For the first time in as long as I can remember I walked out without purchasing a single thing...the staff all just turned their heads after me in disbelief as I left as they know they can always count on me to up their commissions every month!...just nothing worth having and certainly nothing worth paying for...Prices are pretty rapidly on the rise here, as is the way of all countries on this continent!!! and I have discovered that ONLINE SHOPPING is the way to go! I was hoping, with Christmas just around the corner, that I might find some lovely new scrapping goodies to play with, but no such luck. Boring, boring, boring and very much Chinese,Chinese, and more Chinese...not too classy! So no goodies later it was off home again to do some D.I.Y!!

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