Saturday, 31 January 2009

Clustr Maps - Get one Now!

I promised to give CJ at Clustrmaps a "shout out" today, for all the hard work him & his team does on the Clustrmaps site. I have always received "over & above the call of duty" service from CJ at Clustrmaps & my clustrmap is just my ALL TIME FAVOURITE WIDGET.

Firstly, it's FREE.

Secondly, their team offer great support & personal service. They helped me when I was a blogging idiot at first, to install my widget, then again, when I had my idiot moment & lost all my widgets!

Thirdly, the clustrmaps widget is just SO COOL. Take a look at it down on my sidebar. It's very simple to install & it's such fun to actually be able to SEE (from the size of the circles on the map) whereabouts in the world your blog has been viewed & where it is more popular than others. Fascinating stuff...

It was the first widget I installed & is definitely here to stay.

Go CJ & The Clustr Maps Team!

Remember to grab one NOW!!!


topkatnz said...

ROFLMAO!! ... ACTUALLY thinking change Buneey Thrill to THRILL BUNEEY and you have the perfect name for a porn star!!LOL thats funny!!
Thankyou for my blog award and your super-nice words ... tis all true.

Kirsty said...

You have been given an award on my blog! Go and check it out some time! x

Cindy said...

Great to see your blog back in action and thanks for commenting on my layout about my goofball Steve. You werent the only comment asking about the distressing, which I have added a comment on my site, so instead of rehashing it here and taking up heaps of space, come on back and have a read. Its a laugh. Congrats on sorting out your blog, it looks great.

Cindy said...

hey Helen, I have just left you a challenge on my blog. Come check it out. Cindy xxx