Thursday, 8 January 2009

Another Day in Paradise...

Just called it that to get your attention! Sounds cool but, believe me, this place is far from Paradise. My husband ran into another crime incident on his way back from work today. Not the first, I might add. There was a fracas on the highway and traffic was at a standstill as a result. A truck was running circles around a pedestrian, who was doing his best to get away & eventually did as the truck was less able to manoeuvre in the limited space, than the person. Shane was in a position to catch said individual (as were several others I'm sure...) if he dashed out of his vehicle, but was loathe to do so as he did not know the circumstances behind the situation & who was the "goodie" & the "baddie" in this case. One also has to take into account that the driver &/or the "runner" may be armed. So he did the "South African" thing, & got the hell outta there as fast as he could without getting involved!

3 years ago I would have considered that shameful behaviour but now I am all for it. I need Shane around & he is the father of my 4 children so I am all for disassociating ourselves from the problem as far as is possible, for fear of death or injury. I am required, for my new diet, Body for Life BTW, to take a "before" photo of myself looking lonely & dejected (ha ha - shoulders slumped, etc - you know the type that adds 5 pounds to anybody...) as I am entering their online 12 week challenge. I am required to pose with a newspaper in hand to verify my starting date.

I have been trying all week to find a suitable Front Page to commemorate the occassion but, alas, I gave up today & got my daughter (poor girl...) to do the honours with me holding yesterday's issue of The Mercury (we only receive the paper in the evening as Shane brings it back from work). The main story shows a big photograph of an angry mob storming into a high rise building inhabited by foreign refugees (a few kilometres down the road LMTU). They then forced the inhabitants to jump to their deaths by pushing them out of the windows! I was hoping for something a little less gory but that was the mildest tale all week...

On a brighter note I had fun in Picasa today,creating some more Mosaic Collages for your viewing pleasure. FYI(Joanne)& all you bloggers out there, while I kinda like you all thinking "Wow, what a pro..." it is actually the easiest thing in the world to do if you download Picasa (which is DEFINITELY the easiest thing in the world to do). All credit actually goes to Cathy for letting me in on the secret! I saw the wonderful creations on her blog & asked her how she did it. She learnt the trick from another blogger whom she asked - so the moral of the story is...if you like what you see I am happy to help you & I think all other bloggers would be too.

The uniform saga continues & I am back to Little Gem tomorrow to (hopefully) finish off the last bits & pieces for THREE children ALL requiring new uniforms. Two are starting new schools & one needs a COMPLETE new uniform because his school decided to redesign the uniform as part of their 50 year anniversary. The new uniform is far more practical for our humid climate but far less practical for our economic one! I spent HOURS today labelling everyone's garments, shoes, bags, etc so we decided it was time for a treat & we headed to Gateway for a movie & dinner.

We watched a hilarious movie called Yes Man about a loser who gets roped into a "cult" that believes in saying YES to everything! Jim Carey was his hysterically funny self & the concept was interesting & one that I already embrace, although obviously not quite as radically! It's about changing your attitude toward life & seeing where life leads you when you open yourself up to new experiences. IOW not having to know the end from the beginning, which I totally agree with. When I started this blog I didn't even know what I was going to do with it, or what a blog really was for that matter, but the idea just appealled to me, and, as you all know, the rest, as they say, is history!

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Cathy said...

hehehe... sounds like your bit of paradise is getting too hot for comfort....stay out of trouble PLEASE!!!

Please about teaching you picasa... that's what blog friends are for. Love all your pics... I've been to Monte a few times but never dared take pics (or else left camera at home!)... not much of a "tourist" I guess when you live in the area. hehehe