Thursday, 15 January 2009

I deleted the comments!

Yes, that's right...can you believe it?! This whole business has got me into such a state that I accidentally deleted 7 comments. What a complete idiot I am...I was trying to delete Desire's comment (one of them) as she had accidentally posted the comment twice!!! Perhaps it is a sign that I am going about this the wrong way as I simultaneously received a very nice reply from the owner of the shop saying that she would happily resend the paper but that initially I hadn't asked her to do that, which is why she had suggested I take it up with the post office.

I didn't ask her directly to please resend the paper, but I did tell her that it was damaged & unusable so thought she would put 2 & 2 together & make the offer immediately. Anyway, all is well that ends well. Actually, it's not, because the paper that survived the trauma is what she can resend & the paper that did not survive is now out of stock, so looks like I just ain't destined to have it after all. So I will have to ask her for something of the same value, but at least I have made my point & got what I "paid for" even though I still won't end up with what I actually wanted! (this is getting complicated...)

She tells me that the envelopes she uses are better quality & more expensive than the white bubblewrap ones with regards to bending but that doesn't change the fact that they are not waterproof, so I would suggest any of you in the same line of business, ie: Desire, Jacki & Tanya that you either use a waterproof envelope or you make sure that papers are sealed in a plastic bag before putting them into the padded envelope - if it is not the waterproof variety.

What I will try to do now is to paste the comments from my e mail (where they are also sent for moderation, ie accepting/rejecting) onto the next blog post. I'll try to include the 3 comments that I DIDN't manage to delete (phew!) together with the 7 that I did (I am SO livid with myself).

To answer your questions, as I never told you in the last post what actually DID happen. This is it:-

In my e mail I told said lady that this had never happened to me before so I didn't know what the procedure was & asked what she suggested happen next.

My husband tells me he would have handled it differently & told her the circumstances & asked her to please resend the paper asap.

The reason I didn't do this was for fear of sounding rude & bolshy. My bad (a saying the kids use here!)

Her response was one of sympathy but disassociation, ie:- I feel very sorry for you but IOW it's not my problem
Since e mailing her again, telling her I was going to open it up for discussion on da blog & get other people's opinion on who's problem it was, her tune seems to have changed, although perhaps that is because I spelt it out for her this time & said to "there is something that you can do help me!" in response to her "I wish there was something I could do to help you!"

I told her I would not print her name & the name of her shop (but, between you & me, may have had to resort to threatening that if I did not make any headway) so I'll have to keep you all in suspense on that one!

What I DO know for sure now is that WHEREVER I buy from in future I will ALWAYS write in the comment box PLEASE ENSURE THAT MY PARCEL IS FULLY WATERPROOFED AS I WILL EXPECT COMPENSATION ON ANY RAIN/WATER DAMAGED GOODS so you & I have both learnt a valuable lesson from this whole debacle!

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Desire Fourie said...

So glad that everything is sorted now albeit you not getting exactly what you wanted in the first place. Doing Life always package its paper in a saparate platic bag before putting it into a bubble envelope. As you say, we have all learnt a valuable lesson. Hugs from Desire