Friday, 23 January 2009

Awesome Give-away from Queen & Co.

Got to be in to win it - lookie here…

I didn't post yesterday...shock, horror! At least you all know now that I DO have a life, apart from blogging,lol!

Back to school is quite a shock from all angles. There is a serious time shortage even though I now have the mornings 'to myself'. As you can all relate (I know from seeing your posts...) anything can happen in those few hours, from the ironing upwards & onwards, so it's not always time for ME so to speak.

Afternoons have so far been a nightmare, with 3 different schools to get to & no parking in this province! Doesn't seem to matter if I'm early or late (or on time!) I have to wait 20 minutes creeping up to the gate behind a gazillion other cars...what a time waster! (probably a fuel waster to come to think of it...) I haven't been able to send an e mail from my phone for 3 days now (provider/server problem I presume) so I can't even get anything useful done in that time either!

Last night I had the JOY of covering over 50 exercise books in plastic. Couldn't find any ready made covers so had to do it the 'old-fashioned' way. Oh so tedious! Surprised I didn't amputate a finger en route, I was half asleep by the end of it. Wish I could make this post more exciting but Guess What??? Gotta go...Friday today & the cherubs finish early ;-)


Desire Fourie said...

Now, I must say ... those cheribs are really spoilt. Way back in my school days, the cheribs had to do it themselves ... Hope you have a rest this weekend. Hugs from Desire

Vicki said...

Apparently its not cool to have your books covered at High School so I am spared that. LOL