Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Just a Quick Clarification...

I feel that I should clarify that I DID NOT 
MAKE THE TAGS on my post here this week -

"The 12 tags of Fall series with Nancy Burke"

I did say at the end of the post that I hadn't had time 
myself to actually experiment with the idea & was just 
posting it as inspiration for others.  

I have a weekly blog day now over at 3 Scrappy Boys
and I used this post there as I found the tag series so inspiring! 
I would hate to take credit for another's work and I'm so sorry
if I didn't make that absolutely clear originally, I thought I did :)  

I definitely do want to experiment with those
tags one day soon though for sure!!

1 comment:

Stefanie said...

I understood that you didn't make them but were showing them for inspiration only.