Thursday, 5 February 2009

105 things about me...

I did this over the weekend, in response to
Tracey G's BOM challenge. I've been trying to post it all week but Blogger doesn't seem to like it (something to do with the bulleted numbers I reckon) so it has taken 4 days! I've only just seen now though, that the layout is due TOMORROW!!! Chances are I won't make it in time as I'm off scrapping with my scrapbuddy tomorrow & I'm not good at carting my stash around, so thought I would be working with some scraps on dh's birthday present.

Even if I don't get a layout submitted, at least I have the journalling ready for my BOM, which, BTW, always seems to be a very low priority,lol!

1. I came from a dysfunctional family.

2. My “new” family (husband, kids & me) are very “normal” despite our individual (& collective) wackiness!

3. I always wanted 4 children.

4. I met Shane (my husband) in a nightclub.

5. We were both 17 at the time.

6. We dated for 6 years before marrying, mainly because we were studying, as we knew for a long time before getting married that we would always be together.

7. Giving birth gets easier every time (for me, anyway).

8. I love my kids to bits but don’t ever want more children.

9. I can’t wait to be a granny but obviously don’t want to pressurize my 15 year old into having a baby in the foreseeable future!

10. I only read fact. The only fiction I have ever read as an “adult” were my matric “set” books for English Literature.

11. I read English Celebrity Magazines, Now, Reveal & OK most months & have been doing so for so long that I know what they’re talking about & who everyone is!

12. I love tall people & wish, wish, wish I was a few inches taller (at least…)

13. One of my favourite things is going to the movies & eating popcorn there (with LOADS of seasoning – all different flavours at once!)

14. I love going out for cappuccino & am quite comfortable doing so all by myself.

15. I love Woollies fat-free yoghurts. They are SO delicious!

16. I have loads of fun knickers & my favourites are Hello Kitty boy shorts.

17. I hardly ever listen to music of my choice as there is usually someone else’s music playing in my house, so when they are all away I like the peace & quiet.

18. I love sleeping but find it really hard to fall asleep & hate waking up.

19. The Island & The Guardian are my favourite movies of recent years.

20. We have 4 TV’s, but they are all the old “box” variety!

21. I had root canal treatment last year, that lasted 18 months (started in 2007) & was worse (more painful) than labour (seriously).

22. I love animated movies & cartoons.

23. I wish I had time to watch more TV (I hardly ever watch any).

24. I haven’t worn a skirt in 10 years, except a couple of times for posh functions when jeans weren’t allowed.

25. I only wear jeans or sarongs – every single day.

26. I love my Woollies slippers & they have lasted me years, yet are still so squishy & comfy.

27. I wear slops every day, except if I have to “dress up”.

28. My favourite slops are turquoise beaded ones from Accessorize.

29. I don’t believe in honesty at all costs, as I don’t see the necessity in hurting people’s feelings.

30. I love quotes & have always wanted to find a BIG book full of them.

31. I wish I was a better photographer. I try so hard & still have so far to go.

32. I always seem to find younger men or much older men attractive, apart from my husband, who is practically exactly the same age as me.

33. I’ve always been a major cat lover.

34. My next favourite animal is the horse (love that horsey smell…)

35. Next is the cow. I seriously love cows (my parents used to own a dairy).

36. I have very few wrinkles for my age because I never contort my face into weird expressions, I reckon that’s why it is anyway (& also ‘cos I’m hardly ever in the sun for long).

37. I love water, swimming & showering.

38. I bath only a couple of times a year, as I hate languishing in a tub that gradually gets colder.

39. My appetite for food is like my appetite for life, hence my ongoing weight problem.

40. I almost always cry in movies.

41. I love New Year’s Resolutions & often stick to them.

42. I was a drum majorette at school & was seriously into it!

43. I have a physically disabled sister & a mentally disabled one.

44. I am an intelligent, able-bodied person (just in case you were wondering, lol!)

45. I’ve been white water rafting in grade 5 rapids & loved it, terrifying as it was!

46. I hate roller coasters & have only ever been on one as a kid. Never again.

47. I am a decision maker. I need a bit of time to think something through first, but when I make a decision I stick with it & don’t question it.

48. I love spicy food.

49. I hate my natural hair colour. Dull, dark brown.

50. My eyes are incredibly small (& dark) – not a good combination.

51. I love Scrabble & always win.

52. I used to be a really good tennis player but haven’t played for the last few years.

53. 7 and 11 are my favourite numbers. (I never say my “lucky” numbers ‘cos I don’t believe in luck).

54. I don’t know the star signs of any of my children. I don’t care either.

55. I love quizzes & this type of list thingie!

56. I love colour, in every sense, but especially in nature.

57. I miss walking/jogging on the treadmill since I injured my feet (permanently).

58. I’ve always wanted to live by the sea, and at last I do, just not close enough.

59. Since the tsunamis I’ve been a bit hesitant about following that dream.

60. I would love to learn French & it has been on my list of things to do for many years.

61. I really want to eat in a Michelin star restaurant one day.

62. I don’t like ice-cream.

63. I love Honey & Mustard pretzels but don’t eat them as often as I like, due to their ENORMOUS calorie content.

64. I am a serious Blog junkie.

65. Prior to October last year I had never sent an e mail & had surfed the net ONCE.

66. I am slow at everything. I prefer it that way.

67. I do an awful lot of thinking.

68. I look things up in the dictionary almost every day.

69. Pink is my favourite clothing colour (for me).

70. I hope to play in snow one day.

71. I could probably pass my heavy duty drivers licence as I am so used to driving big cars.

72. I would love to see REM in concert again. I watched them in Wembley Arena in 1989.

73. I have been umming & aahing about a (discreet) tattoo for years but have finally decided against it.

74. I could drink tea all day.

75. I love coloured lights & if I had my way would have them up all year.

76. I love having “adult” conversations with my kids.

77. I am crazy about storage & containerization.

78. If we could afford it I would love an overseas family holiday for at least 3 weeks of every year.

79. I have always wanted to live in England as the countryside looks so beautiful.

80. I love really old stuff.

81. I much prefer salty to sweet.

82. I can ride a horse quite well.

83. I got my Netball Colours at school.

84. I would love to work as an English Teacher at an old English Public School.

85. My nails are naturally soft so never grow too long.

86. I shave my legs every few months as I hardly have any hairs & they are so fine & pale.

87. I am very straight forward, & I think people find that intimidating, but it just comes naturally to me.

88. I love feather pillows.

89. I containerize the contents of my fridge into gradually decreasingly small containers as we eat the contents!

90. I hate the feeling of hair on my neck so usually tie my hair up.

91. I love alice bands.

92. I know how to use all the functions on my phone.

93. I once weighed 55 kg’s & had a personal trainer.

94. That experience put me off exercise for life…

95. I love necklaces & earrings but hate the feel of bangles jangling on my arm.

96. I could never live without a watch. I am obsessed by time.

97. I love Johnson’s baby powder & use it every day.

98. I’m a good listener.

99. For the last 5 years or so I have cared so much less about what people think of me.

100.I love to scrapbook & everything that that entails.

101.I have a ginormous amount of stash. I swear it breeds!

102.I’m a neat freak.

103.The inside of my wardrobe is always immaculate.

104.I’ve just realized I’ve gone over the required number “101” as I got so into this…

105.I could never finish on 104 so had to add this. (I work in units of 5, lol!)


Jessica said...

Wow... that's a lot of things :)

Michelle Ramsay said...

Thanks for sharing. Makes interesting reading. I am still working on mine.

Cindy said...

Wow Helen, that list is full on!!

As for my challenge, it was done on 1 February under the heading 'I've been Photo Challenged' Basically it is to go to the 6th file on your computer and then the 6th photo and upload it to your blog. Look forward to seeing your photo.

As for the layout, unfortunately, it is now under wraps as a 'contract' has been signed (very formal) so have to wait until the issue.

Hope you are feeling a bit more cheery given the previous blog you wrote which sounding very upsetting. Chin Up. xxoo

Andrea said...

I LOVE this post and feel like I know you so much better in the English countryside is sooooooooo worthwhile I have to tell you and playing in the snow is all it is cracked up to be. WRT that tattoo, I say GO FOR IT - my husband gave me a small butterfly tattoo for my 30th birthday and I adore it.

Thanks for sharing!!!!


topkatnz said...

Very cool reading ... I can't beleive all the similaries ... not everything, but about 90%!!

Kirsty said...

Ah - I LOVED reading this list! We would get on well! Why don't you live closer???!! LOL! Actually - my mum has a place in Ballito, so the next time we head down to the coast, I may stalk you!
I love your romantic view of England! You know what? You should never live there for more than a few months because it would change your view! Just go for holidays often and keep that romantic love affair ongoing...
Oh - and on last point: Up until October last year you had never sent an email?? WTF?? And look at you now!! An IT pro - giving me assvice! You should be very proud of yourself! Yay you! xx

Desire Fourie said...

Glad you also taking part in Tracey's BOM challenge. TFS all 105 interesting facts about you. You are one fabulous being.