Saturday, 7 February 2009

The Fabby Blog Award

Time to dish out the Fabby Blog Award....In no particular order...tadadada!!!

First up is my blog bud of note, Heidi...what she has to say is always well worth the read;-) (Plus I know she's been secretly coveting this award 'cos she told me how "fab" it was, lol!)

2) Vicki - a faithful blogfriend of note - always giving of her time to leave an encouraging comment & a genuinely lovely person with a true scrapper's heart.

3) Cindy - my new bloggy friend & also a very funky scrapper!

4) Jessica - my new DT sista & a serious digi-scrapper!

5) Meike - such a happy scrapper & full of enthusiasm & support - also my DT sista over at Little Shop of Sketches.

So, there you go girls, enjoy your Fabby Blog award 'cos your blogs are fab, which means you are too!

And, would you believe, I have been given ANOTHER beautiful award so will be passing that one on soon too! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I have been a bit of a misery guts but need to snap out of that PRONTO as I realise it is very unattractive!!!

I am STILL waiting for my IT man (10 days now) to help me fix my photo program - so any photos I post are NOT EASY for me to get onto my blog at all & my hubby's birthday present (for MONDAY) can only have photos chosen from my daughter's limited selection, so that is REALLY annoying me.

Next in my firing line is our Landlord, who is the biggest procrastinator on this earth. I have been trying to get him in to do some paint touch-ups (from when the geyser burst in October last year) for months now. Finally he gave me a definite time on Monday so I prepared everything with black plastic, etc ... he didn't pitch! No apologies when I phoned him. He told me he had fallen ASLEEP!!! ASLEEP I tell you! Now I for one LOVE my sleep but have a great alarm clock in the form of my cell-phone & hence DO NOT miss my appointments!!! He said he would come on Friday so I arranged to be out for SEVEN hours so that he could do the job in peace (my house helper was at home to let him in). Did he pitch? No. Did he phone/e mail/sms to apologise? No!!!

What he did do, when I got home after my last call, late Friday afternoon, after an hour long supermarket shopping trip, is come down his stairs (yes, he lives in the cottage across the driveway) & start babbling on about his e mail being broken, blah, blah, blah (I had sent him a confirmation e mail to make SURE he pitched...) but I could NOT even LOOK at him, I just turned around & marched to the door, a million bags in each hand, saying "I don't want to talk about it right now." It was that or crying or screaming, so I think I did the right thing,lol!

I don't know why these two things are having such a big impact on my life, but, really, I just want to blog in peace & sort out my photo storage (I'm trying to get an organised system going ala Stacey Julien Photo Freedom) & I CAN'T DO IT until my pc gets a kick up the jacksi (sp???) with some more ram.

As for the house, I've dropped my standards BIG TIME. From a 6 bedroom, 3 bathroom monster of a house in Zimbabwe we've had to settle for an ancient house in dire need of a facelift. I don't mind. In fact, I don't even care...I just want the basics. I don't want ceilings with leak marks all over them. Surely that's not too much to ask??? I'm a good tenant. We pay our rent the day dh gets paid. Although we're thinking of procrastinating for a couple of months...


Jessica said...

Thanks :) I added it to my award post!

Jessica said...

Oh, and I hope your house problems get resolved soon :) I think we all want something a little different, a little better, but I'm glad that I have a house to live in :)

Vicki said...

Thanks Helen for the fabulous award and no you are not asking too much in wanting even the basics. Hang in there.

topkatnz said...

huge thanks again! you're very kind to me, but, it's really nice to be thought of ... your IT and landlord problems are blah!! who needs all that ...! I like your attitude tho ... you go girl!LOL

Jenny said...

You procrastinate. Or better still, get a quote for someone else to do the job and tell him if it isn't done by such and such a day, you will be employing whatever company to do the job and will take the cost off your next rent

Jenny in Durbs said...

Pay the rent a tad late, you'll see your landlord jump around.Hang in there.

Cindy said...

thanks for the award. This is my first and i am estactic. thanks again and chin up.

Mickey said...

Aaaahhh, thank you so much for the award and your sweet words! I'm honored!

Desire Fourie said...

Will hold thumbs that your Picasso will upload your photos now with lightning speed, since your IT man has done his magic.