Tuesday, 10 February 2009

2008 Year in Review Layout

Do you remember last weekend I edited these photos & made a couple of Picasa collages? I chucked a layout together really quickly for this one. I always stick my 2 single sheets together at the back with masking tape (it's easier to pull off than sticky tape) then work on my layout as one unit, rather than 2, I find this way easier for double layouts.

I positioned the collages with enough space for the title at the top & the journalling at the bottom. Couldn't find my white milky pen so used my gold one instead & love it. Remember to trim the one line (edge) off ONE of the collages (on the side closest to the CENTRE) so that, when you stick them down together it looks like one HUGE collage as opposed to 2 smaller ones side by side. If you don't trim then your centre line will be double the thickness of all the others IYKWIM???!!!

I finally got to use some of the A4 coloured paper that I've had forever (it's usually just that little bit too short to add to a 12 inch layout) so it was perfect for here & I tore it to reveal the white core. Always tear towards you to achieve this & aim for one continuous tear or you get a wave effect - not a good look unless that's what your after,lol!)

I could see I had plenty of space for the title so I just sommer started sticking those letters down 'til the title was finished! - I wanted the date (2008) right at the end so I stuck it on backwards- starting with the 8, to be assured of it ending up in the right position. Thought of this little trick a while back...Then I had a bit of fun with my fave 7 Gypsies stickers, adding wording strips here & there & ploughing through my flower stash (I am so over flowers & stuck with a gazillion).

Also dug into the brad & photo anchor stash & used up some of my buttons too. I don't generally go for the unstitched look so sewed through all the buttons FIRST then plopped them on with a glue dot each. WAY easier...took me a while to think of that one but have been doing it for a fair bit now (duh???!!!) So there you have it. Time consuming to create the collage but a quick layout so all balances out in the end ;-)

Happy Scrapping!

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Jessica said...

Fabulous collage! I love the idea and just may have to use it ... so many things to do ... so little time :)

Feel free to lift whatever you want from me ... half of it I've lifted at least part of any way :)

Kirsty said...

OMG - this is so awesome! Can you make me one please?? ;-)

Jenny in Durbs said...

Wow you rock. Brilliant ideas.

Vicki said...

Thats a great layout - are you planning to do one now for each year?