Thursday, 19 February 2009

Little Shop of Sketches Layout

Here is my layout for the Little Shop of Sketches Design Team. You can check out their blog here. They also have a very active & friendly forum so, if that's your cup of tea & you have the time, why not come in & say Hi? You can upload your layouts into the gallery & stand a chance of winning a prize too. Last week they had a free online class on offer to their members, so it is well worth your time to go & take a look. Click on the Stampin' Scrap blinkie in their sidebar to get taken through to register. All very easy ;-)

I cut the flowers out of a free paper I got in one of my Scrapbooking magazines & raised the middle one with some self-adhesive foam squares. The scalloped cardstock was pre-cut but some of the circles were still in the holes, so I popped them out & used them as the flower centres, after inking the edges for a bit of dimension. I used some Love Elsie rub-ons (delish...) & a "Friend" fabric tag I've had forever...I placed a rub-on directly over it & around it onto the photo itself. Worked a treat...

I printed my title in Word, on a scrap of my famous photo-paper & also applied the rub-ons directly to this, then bumped it up on some foamcore. I can really recommend the Love Elsie rub-ons for ease of application. I'm not sure if it is just our climate, but I do find rub-ons in general to be temperamental & not always 100% successful. Notice under the title block that I used the circles to create a scallop edging.

Just add your double-sided tape to the back of your title block first (before you attach the foamcore backing) then position your circles (I always use my mat to measure as it is full of graph-paper style squares) then, once 100% happy with your placement, stick on the foamcore backing. Simple! Also a great way to create a perfect scallop effect without a template.

I used some MM coloured staples to funk it up a bit as it is a teenage layout. I repeated the set of 3 staples on the other side aswell. Always advisable for balance. In the camera glare the letter stickers I used look very obvious but they are not at all, in real life. In fact, they could pass for rub-ons. Very handy. Can't remember where I got them as I've had them for yonks!

See the weird paper I've used with all the little turquoise squares on it? I printed this by mistake (onto photo paper) when I changed my ink cartridge & forgot that it printed out a series of blocks first. Instead of throwing it away I thought it looked kinda funky so I used it!

I printed the word "Gangstas" directly onto the photo, in Picasa, before I printed it out. The lovely word rub-ons are all from the same coupla Love Elsie rub-on packs I got last year. I always try to include the date somewhere in my layout. In fact, I think it's practically obligatory, as I've learnt that, as time goes by, you just can't remember otherwise!

The matting paper (large spots) is also from my freebie pile so the only paper I had to buy were the 2 pieces of bazzill & the shaped cardstock. I matted the photo, title block & the flowers in a very thin matt of black glitter cardstock (offcuts...) to make them visually "pop". It has a lovely shimmer that is not evident in photographs unfortunately. I didn't journal intentially, bacause it didn't need it.

Thanks for looking! Now, remember to scroll back to the link & go over to the Little Shop of Sketches Blog, to check out my Design Team Sisters' creations!


Michelle Ramsay said...

Lovely layout and thanks for the details instructions of how you created it.

Jessica said...

Very nice. I love all the little things you do. I, too, try to put the date on every layout. I know that I'll want to know later :)

topkatnz said...

Very cool layout! I'm interested in your idea of printing out your titles, as I never do that. haha ... using your freebie paper from scrapping mags ... I never do! Yes, I think your rub-on issue is to do with your climate, as I've had several people comment to me that our hot summer has ruined their rub-ons too... I always try to date layouts too. How are you finding doing the sketches, as you weren't previously a fan ...?

Andrea said...

I love "little shop of sketches" and one day would LOVE to design for them.....but baby steps, need to get back to scrapping first.

Great LO well done!


Jenny in Durbs said...

Fantastic l/o as usual really alive. I am so glad to hear someone else sometimes has trouble with rub ons I thought it was just me LOl.I sometimes avoid them because they look so good till you try & apply them.

Lynette said...

This is a bright and cheery layout! Lovely.

Jenny said...

That blue and orange is great together

Monique said...

What a happy and colourful layout!! Love all the little details you added!

The diashow you asked about, is just one of the standard gadgets I can add in Blogger and then I uploaded my Picasa webalbum as the "source", but you could also upload from photobucket or flickr... Good luck!

Shayne said...

Hi Helen,

First time i've visited and i'm really impressed with your scrapbooking! So much detail.

Thanks for the freebie badge, have uploaded it. Been looking for it for AGES!

Will be back again.


Desire Fourie said...

Love the bright colour combo of this. Great DT project. Hugs from Desire