Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Check out my Poll!

No, this isn't it...will get to that later! This is a layout - NOT MINE! - that I found on one of my favourite blogs recently (BANANAFROG again...) & it is a year in review one. Well, you know I did one of those recently & needed 50 pictures so created a Picasa Collage, so this would NOT do if you have a big family like me! BUT I do think it would make a great layout for a MONTH IN REVIEW which could be a bit more achievable than the 365 - which I am photographing for but have yet to compile.

Nice layout & love the doggy pile effect of the photos randomly layered over one another & the whited out journalling spot. A word of warning - I've done this before & it can be VERY frustrating (& ruin your pen) waiting for the paint to dry & trying to write on it before it does SO rather do this in 2 stages, with a good few hours, or overnight preferably,in between, so that you keep your fineliner in tip-top condition & don't have to scrape it through...

This is an award that I found on another blog last week (can't remember which one, sorry!) that was up for grabs to anyone deserving, so...if you like & you have a blog that showcases your creations then this could be for you too!

I've had a little play this morning & come up with a poll that I created on Vizu ( a site specializing in polls) only to see, when adding it to my sidebar, that Blogger has an "Add poll" gadget! Oh well...perhaps this one is more specialised, who knows? Anyway, I am running it for a week, just for fun, so play along if you like. I customized all the colours & I see it has come out black & white after all that! I found it on the Pink Paislee site where I have registered & uploaded 4 of my layouts. If any of you are members there please leave me a comment & join "my friends!" - seems like a lovely site/gallery & think it gets quite a lot of exposure so why not follow suit? See some of you are there already...

I have been busy with my Design Team layouts aswell last week, so they are done & dusted but can't show them to you yet. My confidence must be growing 'cos I LOVE both of them & was very nervous for my first installments, so they were a bit on the safe side!

Well, I think that's enough food for thought for a busy Tuesday morning so will sign off now ;-)
Don't forget to put in your vote on my poll!


jax said...

Just spent an age reading all your lovely posts from the last week as I havn't been keeping up to date.
A thought for you on doing the journalling on the paint - why not write it out on "over-head projector" type transparency and then "stick" it onto wet paint? I'm sure that would give you the same effect and you wouldn't need patience or ruin your pen!
Guess what????
I've tried out Picasa - and - managed to create 3 collages! Will take note of the storing problem etc.
Thanks for the entertaining blog. J

Jessica said...

I voted :) It really depends on the week, though. Sometimes it's more and sometimes it's none!

Desire Fourie said...

Love your poll and have casted my vote! Thanks for sharing an idea for a month in review layout ... had a giggle at your description of the doggie pile photo arrangement! Hugs from Desire