Thursday, 25 November 2010

Random images from around the Home

The other day when I was photographing some layouts to share I did a quick shifty around the house & clicked away so thought I'd share!  Trying out the pre-sheduling of your post on this one, a first for me...
I found this sweet painted metal sign at a local crafty shop.  Too cute don't you think?  And I'm a sucker for anything with birds..{I put it up using some double-sided mirror tape - between our lounge & dining room}.
I bought this pretty cushion @ Woolies {Home Section} for my studio.  Softens up my hard plastic bucket chair & adds a bit of girliness to my studio.

This pale avocado dish is my Christmas edition.  Every year I add a colourful dish to our collection so that our Christmas dinner is cheery.  There is a nice raised olive design on each side {not a great photo!}
I thought this photo came out rather interesting!?  I like an eclectic assortment of objet d'art  around my home & have this little arrangement on one of my kitchen counters.  The apple holds keys. Olive & Vinnie are oil & vinegar holders {Clicks}, one chicken holds toothpicks & the one in the basket is 2 piece but as yet I haven't thought of what to put in the basket!  The aubergine on the right is my timer ;-D

I bought this salad plate a while ago.  The writing & pictures are textural & kinda raised yet oven & dishwasher safe{not that I have one}.  I prefer to serve salad in a large shallow bowl as opposed to a deep one.  Looks & tastes better - try it, you'll see!
I've started a little starfish collection on various walls & it's interesting, because they are all different materials, textures & colours but the same "thing"...

It was evening & my flash battery died...sorry!  Found these distressed signs at the same little crafty shop as the metal sign in the first photo.  This is the first thing we all see as we enter the kitchen & we do our best every day to live by these 3 simple ain't always easy as you know!!
My kitchen clock, which I have a sneaky feeling I may have posted before.  It says "Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take your breath away" I'm happy to say that I love my life even though it is far from perfect.  Attitude goes a long way towards that...

One of two canvas prints in the kids' bathroom.  It was newly renovated when we moved in earlier this year {Thank Goodness} & is very tastefully done in neutrals.  These prints liven things up a bit for the kids.  Fortunately they're all past the bath toy stage {although I do keep a stash of empty containers in the cupboard under the basin, for my 10 year old who still loves to play around with them in the bath!}
A lovely hand-made framed shadow box containing real shells - that I bought at a handicrafts fair in Zimbabwe many years ago.

The kids' new bath towels bought @  Mr. Price Home.  I've added some touches of that blue & a bit of corally orange in accents to liven up the bathroom a bit.
The curtains in the kids' bedroom{the 2 younger ones who share a room}.  They have a lovely lineny texture, the tie-backs are simple rope ones & I had some denimy roller blinds made so that they don't ever have to actually close the curtains so their room always looks swish.  The blue on their walls is "not shy" but looks great with all the white woodwork.  A 10 year old girl & 12 year old boy share this room so I had to come up with something unisex that wasn't too babyish but wasn't too mature either.

Now if I could ever get them to tidy their rooms I could give you a closer look!


Lynette Jacobs said...

Always fun to have glimpses into somebody else's home. Thank you for sharing my friend.

Shayne said...

Gorgeous Helen. Your new Christmas dish is stunning - nice and deep which is often a problem.

Love your clock - where is it from? I'm thinking it would be a fab addition to my 'wall of clocks' in my kitchen.

Thanks for sharing - love peeking into other's homes.

Ella Swan said...

Thanks girls! Yup the dish is gorge - bought it @ Boardmans & the clock was my Christmas gift from the kids last year from Home, Etc. It is gigantic. About 80cm across I guess so it may be a bit disproportionate for you.

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Thanks for taking us around the house, love that cute, pretty little cushion, thanks for sharing and have a great Thanksgiving!

Stefanie said...

I also loved looking through your home, enjoy the running commentary esp as well.
That fab cushion caught my eye. Haven't seen anything at all like that out my way.
Better keep my eyes peeled.
How did the pre-post thing work for you?
I usually do that.
I love your tabs on top of the blog, did you add those yourself?

topkatnz said...

Nice to have a wee look around your home. I can 'feel' how proud you are of your new space, and that makes me smile:)

Ella Swan said...

Stefanie I got the cushion at Woolworths Home but not the Gateway branch. I take my kids for extra lessons in another area & it was at another mall where I go while I'm waiting for them . I've seen they always have better stock there. Woollies definitely puts different merchandise in different stores so look around. It wasn't cheap but I only needed the one...Heidi thanks, yup it's good to be proud ;-D

Jessy Christopher said...

I am loving the cute frilly cushion!! So so cute! You have an awesome house and the little details are just so pretty!!