Sunday, 29 August 2010

Memories to Last Forever Layout.

Had an unusual weekend this weekend in that I hardly set foot into my studio as I was busy creating more special memories to scrap! Still...I have quite a number of layouts to share from weeks gone by so thought I'd pop this one up quickly.

I am loving this Ning! community as there is such lovely work up in the gallery & creating using a colour scheme is a lot easier than I initially thought! I finally found my lovely bag of goodies won over at Jessy's blog & put some of them to good use here.

Namely, that gorgeous ribbon, length of pearls, pre-punched butterflies, bling rhinestone brads, buttons & original vintage book page. I used old stash for the yellow spotted backing paper & scallop bazzill & added the ticket strip from my offcuts, as well as the punched strip.

That gorgeous red braid above is new Webster's Pages! Yummo!! If you read the smallprint next to the original challenge you'll see that the Designer's Challenge was to create a layout in less than an hour & I did it! I even surprised myself...

That didn't include the supply hunt though, which always takes me a bit of time, so I had everything I intended to use on my desk so it was just a case of cut 'n paste! Think I should try this method again as it sure did get me moving...that's the joy of challenges now isn't it?!

You force yourself to push the envelope & create in unfamiliar ways, and as a result you grow & hopefully blossom! Ticket embellishment Jenni Bowlin. "Memories" pop-up sticker K & Co.

Yikes! I see there that the "to last" stickers need a bit of straightening up there you can see it really did take me less than an hour ;-D

Those teeny alphas are October Afternoon & a great size - not too big & not too small & the blue plaque under "forever" is a Hambly sticker. L.O.V.E those...{came with my new stash box} I couldn't find any alphas suitable for the "forever" so I wrote it on an offcut piece then cut around it & tombo-ed it on. Blue glitter chipboard piece from Pink Paislee.

And this here collage is just a bonus pic 'cos I was having fun with my focus settings on my camera taking dimension shots of this layout. Okay folks time for me to get to bed!

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Hey Soul Sister ain't that Mister Mister on the Radio???

So he never made it into the top 3 ;-( Well, quite honestly we knew he wouldn't. If you can read the journaling there on the photo below you'll see how this whole thing came to being, rather a surprise!

He's a character though & hat's off to him for that ;-D This last week has been exhausting from this point of view. I now know what goes into this kind of thing & it really is a lot of work.

For amateurs the best way to go about it is to search for You Tube videos with lyrics. We had to think of songs we thought would be suitable, this part was pretty easy between the 3 of us {my teenage daughter, myself & said son...} DH had some very strange suggestions...

Once you have your song selection you need to print out the lyrics & download the instrumental version of your song. Then you need to practice, practice, practise...until your family go insane & everyone, including the maid, is going around clicking & singing "Hey, hey, he - e - e - e - hey!"

Then you need to clear a space in your dining-room & sit at the other side of the dining-room table, 3 in a line, like Simon, Piers & Amanda & critique the performance, which includes all shouting suggestions at once & getting up to demonstrate the "move"...

Stage presence is as important as voice so you need to yell at the subject a lot & gesticulate wildly in order to get him to strut his stuff from side to side across the full length of the dining-room ;-D

You need to make it a family business to get everyone involved in giving their 2 cents' worth of opinion & adding a move here & there to give the performance some individual character!

Once you've done all that you need to frantically locate a voice coach, dash over there & belt out your chosen tracks, which she then needs to adjust down a half key or so, so that you don't need to strain your wee voice so much, then you're almost there...

The icing on the cake is perfecting your look. That requires a trip to your local shopping mall for a trendy new t-shirt & a R50 funky retro digital watch, chosen by your wardrobe planner {aka your mum}. If you're lucky you may get a sushi dinner thrown in if you behave yourself...

You're almost there now, you just need to persuade your brother to lend you his bangle & his black skinnies & allow your sister to use the straighter irons on your hair. Deoderant, hairspray & you're good to go!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Wanna see Mars Tonight? Click here before it's too late!

*** Read on for a great patterned paper deal***
& some personal news***

Do you want to witness a phenomenon that you only have one chance to see in your lifetime? If so you need to watch this clip NOW. Don't forget to have your camera at the ready, only a few hours to go now...

How Cool is That?

Next up:- For South African Bloggers I have a friend arriving from Australia on Sunday & she is selling some patterned paper so if you are interested please leave me a comment as she is not going to bring the paper with her on the plane unless she has a buyer for it. I need to know URGENTLY as Australia is 10 hours ahead so she will be leaving in less than 24 hours from when I post this.

Pack1- 38 Basic Grey papers - R80
Pack 2 - 20 Double side patterned paper - R50, no doubles
Pack 3 - 50 patterned paper - R100, no doubles
Pack 4 - 50 patterned paper - R100, no doubles

These are random packs & you get what you get. I haven't even seen them myself, but at R2 a sheet they sure are a bargain! Obviously if you are not Durban based you will have to cost in postage but I will happily send the parcel on to you so let me know okay?!

Today has been a great day. I have just returned from a date out with my eldest son, 15, and had a wonderful time with him. I hope that he will always be such a pleasure to be around & such a joy to me, even when he is married & officially belongs to another woman! We went out for dinner & stayed for ages, chatting & laughing like the old friends we are. I have discovered an awesome local restaurant where I have been twice this week, hence no weight loss this week ;-D

For our starters we ordered "Prawns Tempura" {deep fried in the lightest, crispiest batter ever} then we ate sushi {Wasabi parcels} - delicious layers of sushi rice, seaweed & smoked salmon, topped with Japanese mayonnaise & wasabi paste, awesomeness... Tomorrow is his big day, the finals of the local performance competition & apparently his main rival has a sore throat & is slightly under the weather {dare I admit that my gut reaction was "Yay!" - oh how evil is the human mind?!} . I'm sure he will overcome it & perform remarkably tomorrow {the competitor that is...} As for Jack, what he lacks in experience & professional training he makes up for in pluck & charisma.

He has to perform 2 songs & we have chosen "Hey Soul Sister" by Train & "Island in the Sun" by Weezer. We are all going off to watch the entire show & see him excited! and nervous!! Isn't it amazing how a mother can feel literally everything on behalf of a child? Anyone would think it was me that was going to stand up & sing in front of all those people! Anyway, that's enough waffling for a night. Lots to do tomorrow so best I get to bed. Up early to get Jack to his first hip-hop class. After seeing his Madam Tussaud's performance last week I booked him in for dance classes. Of course he's turning his nose up at the idea but I just know that when we get there & he gets going he's going to love it & the fact that he has been so active & athletic all his life must surely be an instant advantage.

Happy Weekend Blog People!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Mr. Chubby Fingers {Sketchy Thursdays Layout}

Challenge 8.19 over @ Sketchy Thursdays comin' up below! Need to link up here via Mr. Linky so have to do a post in order to do so...Today is the last day of the challenge & true to form I have left it to the last minute - but, also true to form, I've got it done!!

I had an old photo of Reilly that needed scrapping & against the paper it wasn't looking "enough"...but the sketch I was following {click in to the link above to take a quick peek} was really simple so I didn't want to add any patterned paper behind it.

So I decided to whip out my paints & my l'il roller & give my background a quick "once over rover". Just giving you a quick peek at my desk here for your interest. Yes it is rather messy isn't it? Ooops...But how cool are my new little pink crates? Okay, I digress...

Okay here I am just showing you another sheet of cardstock that I also painted {I did a few actually} 'cos I'm too economical {read 'cheap'!} to wash good paint down the sink so I always wipe my brush clean on some other pages - now pre-painted ;-D

And finally...the layout! For those of you whose eyesight is as poor as mine - the title there is "Mr. Chubby Fingers". Aaaaw...this photo of my Reilly makes me wish he was a "baby" again. He is now a gangly pre-teen & skinny as a rake!

I received my latest order of online goodies last week, including the "to die for" JB butterflies like the one above ;-D And a couple of sweet little MS butterfly punches, as well as the OA label stickers like the one above & those gorgeous Hambly Studio transparency stickers. Swoon...

My backing paper is an old one by Making Memories, the little birdie is Dear Lizzy by American Crafts. The stripey ribbon is On Holiday by Margie {The Girls' Paperie} & the lace ribbon is Webster's Pages. Flower & pebble by Prima of course ;-D

The big red alphas are old school Doodlebug & the colourful mini ones are Making Memories. I needed to keep this one pretty simple in keeping with the challene but couldn't help but add a few pretty bitties. Too girly for a boy's layout? He was only small after all...

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

What's it Like Where I live? Strike Action!

*** Just lost this whole post***very strange***first time ever***here we go again.

One of the things I love about blogging is occasionally I get a little insight into what life is like in other parts of the world. I love to follow blogs with photos of local locations, shopping receipts, any little snippets of local information; to me it's one of the real benefits of blogging!

Here we have a public service strike taking place right now, into it's 2nd week. Everyone has a lot to say about it but few really know what they're talking about. I am of no opinion, neither one way or the other, as I don't know all the facts so can't pass judgement. I took a drive around my neighbourhood today, camera around my neck, to see if I could capture some images for you. I couldn't do a good job of it! I was an unwanted presence!!

What I saw was a bunch of people, about 40 of them, driving from school to school {there are about 9 schools within a 5km radius here!}, squashed into about 8 small vehicles, followed by a convoy of about 8 police trucks/mini-busses. Their modus operandi was to go around from school to school blowing vuvuzelas! I kid you not!! Only a few weeks ago the vuvuzela was a symbol of joyful abandon, now it is just a noise aimed at disturbing the peace! {hey, isn't that in itself a crime?} Others remained in their vehicles, arms outstretched on their horns! A noisy affair!!

Anyway, these people didn't seem over-emotional, after all they've probably been doing this for days & are getting a bit tired of it all by now. The police didn't seem too perturbed either. They either sat in their vehicles or stood outside them, not bovvered...All in all rather civilised by African standards. There has been one newspaper report of "union members" beating up some junior school kids studying at a Sports Club, but, as the Union leaders point out, anyone can put on a Tshirt & give them a bad name, rather like muslim extremists.

People have literally been dying in hospital due to lack of nursing care or being unable to have surgery as scheduled & the army have been called in to "guard" the patients & staff. I'm pretty sure some of those on strike are not necessarily "for the cause" but with intimidation no doubt running high it is safer for them to stay away. Fortunately my family has not been affected by the hospital workers strike but my kids have spent a week off school, and we were advised by headmasters, over the weekend, to return.

I am staying at home every morning as we are recieving at least daily sms/text updates so I want to be close-by in case I need to swoop in, SWAT style & grab my kids lol...I don't mean to sound flippant here but you must understand that this is nothing new for me, being a born & bred African I have been a part of many a hair-raising situation in my lifetime. What we have here are a bunch of human beings wanting a better quality of life. That is all. I don't envisage them wanting to harm my children. Unfortunately there are always the "bad apples" that rally around "conducting" the vuvuzela orchestra, but those types are everywhere...

For the younger kids, I'm of the opinion that a bit of time off school can't be a bad thing. They work them far too hard here methinks in any case. 7.45 - 2.00 is a loooooooong haul for little souls, who then have to fit homework & extra mural activities in after that. For the older kids, my son participated in the school musical every night last week so for the drama boys the days off were actually a blessing in disguise as they really benefitted from the recuperation. For my daughter in Matric it's been business as usual & she is currently writing her Finals Trials at a secret location, in civilian clothing.

I'm sure it's been a tremendous reshuffle for her school but they have done marvellously at keeping the finals girls focused on their studies & not a day has been missed. While wage negotiations have reached a stalemate, with both the Government & the Unions now refusing to budge, what we are witnessing here is actually a struggle between the young blood & the old stalwarts & we, the public, are just the political football they are kicking around.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Calorie Free Cupcakes {& an important notice if my blog is in your GR}

I thought that might get your attention! Well I HAD to do something...

I wasn't going to post is grotty...rainy & miserable...I am waiting for payday before I can go out & treat myself to a new handbag {want something bright & floral for summer ...haha...summer???} & really, I am just tired of freezing my butt off in this computer chair so I thought I'd rather just scrap this morning to try to keep myself warm. Well, pc on one side of the room & scrappy desk on the other {okay, it IS a little room & there is just shy of a metre between the two} means that coming in here I can't resist the urge to switch my computer on & taking a quick peek at what everyone else has been up to lately!

So I'm cruising along visiting all my favourite places when I come across this - c'mon, click it NOW - then you'll understand my title - calorie-free cupcakes ;-D This girl is one sweet lady & I love popping in on her to see what little treat she has in store for me every few days. As you know I'm not big into cardmaking or off-the-page stuff 'cos with 4 kiddies to scrap I am ALWAYS behind on my albums, so kinda feel like it would be a luxury "I can't afford" to play about making other stuff. So for me to follow a card/crafty blog you know it must be GOOD! Scroll down & take a lookie at some more of Cindy's wonderful work. This girl should publish a book on card-making IMO - her cards are so pretty & uncomplicated in such a fresh & modern style - and to tell you a little secret, I have a file 'specially for her on my desktop, containing many of her cute card images for WHEN I get around to making some of those cards myself LOL...

*** Need to announce that I am going to start working "behind the scenes" on my blog in order to tag my posts correctly so that they will show up automatically in my new PAGES tabs I've created at the top of my blog {just under my header}*** This could mean that, if you follow my blog via a GR, all my OLD posts will show up again!
Sorry to inconvenience you but dunno how else to do it SO if you see a post with a really old date - j.u.s.t p.r.e.s.s. d.e.l.e.t.e.

I came across the PAGES function quite by chance recently, when nosying around "Kevin & Amanda's" blog & they had a link to a tutorial on it. It's not working completely properly though as only 7 of the 10 page tabs are showing - CAN ANYONE HELP ME WITH HOW TO GET THEM ALL TO SHOW UP???

Anyways, I have to EDIT all my posts - yup - it's gonna take a while LOL - and give them the correct LABELS in the label bar at the bottom of the post-preview box {where I'm typing right now} as even my labels down my sidebar are up the pole. You see, when I started "labelling" I had no idea why I was doing it or how it worked - but now {at last!!!} I do, so I need to get my labels narrowed down & everything labelled correctly.

This could mean that old posts of mine are going to be showing up in your Google Readers for months - with 683 posts to label I reckon it's gonna take me 'til year end at least...CALL ME NUTS!!!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Princesses for the Night {Colour Combos Galore}

Is anyone tying out any of the challenges I posted in this post last Monday? If so you may have done this one for Colour Combos Galore. I literally stuck to the pallete without adding much white or any black {as it was in the photos already} or any craft - all 3 of which you are allowed to add - aswell as a smidgeon of another colour if you need to. I didn't.

Lucky I bought some old stock Heidi Swapp pink chipboard alphas a while back, a few packs of them, or I wouldn't have had all the vowels I needed for that looooooooong title. {Why do I like long titles so much?! } Oh I don't layouts called "Love" or "Memories" anyway ROFL...

The pp is DCWV & the "broderie anglaise" white die-cut is Making Memories "I Do" line. The white velvet flower ribbon is the last of it sadly {Prima} & the yellow scallop ribbon is a cheapie paper one from my LCS. Orange self-adhesive flower from Fiesta felt. White flower Prima. Bling flower from Heidi in NZ I think...and leaves from my LCS {they are readily available here & great for adding a bit more interest to one's flower "arrangements don't you think?!}

I added a snippet of orange ink around the edges just to bring that colour in a teeeeny bit more. This was one of the quickest layouts I've ever done. About 45mins including making all my selections. Think I'll send it off for one of those magazine calls for "quick & easy" - layouts in half-an-hour, etc, etc... Just goes to show you can still make something pretty when you're short of time ;-D

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Sketch Inspirations Challenge {Matric Dance}

I've been hanging out a bit here & enjoying it. I prefer Ning! Communities to challenge blogs because you can upload your layout straight into their gallery as opposed to having to post it on your blog & link it up. This is the 2nd challenge I've done for them.

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of circles on layouts. I prefer sticking with straight lines! Working through Chelsea's Matric Dance layouts has been so simple though, thanks to all the challenges.

I used plain white bazzill here, backed onto black, then a strip of Pink Paislee 365 Degrees stripe & some of the other prints from the same line for the circles. This is a very versatile range of products & I've enjoyed working with it a lot. Just my cup of tea!

I used a couple of rub-ons for a change as I have a whole BIG tray full of 'em & want to use them all up! I'm so OFF rub-ons & hardly ever buy them anymore as they are just too temperamental & difficult to store. Often some of the image doesn't "rub on" & I have to draw it in using a fineliner pen, and once you have cut into a sheet it is difficult to keep the rest of the rub-ons nicely in the packet & often they get damaged - so I will be avoiding all but the most beautiful in future!

The little flowers I've used are paper ones called "Ittybitties" by Petaloo I think. They come pre-blinged & in a big pack of assorted colours so are good value when you want to use a lot! The little butterflies are from my local craft shop.

I used Prima velvet flower ribbon & topped it with an inexpensive scallop paper ribbon from my LCS, then pleated & stitched an American Crafts Blue Skies ribbon beneath it. Alphas by Pink Paislee & strip bling from Everlasting {which sadly burnt to the ground this week so no more where that came from for the time being!}

It doesn't do much for me to be honest - this page. Not sure why but I don't really like it, although I can't pin-point why as there doesn't appear to be anything technically wrong with it!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Mummy Duties 24/7

*** I will be posting a layout a day over the weekend for anyone that wants to take a peek!***

It's been a "whooooooooooaaaa...hold on!!!" week here & this is my first time back on the computer in days. Very unusually I have been required in my utmost capacity by everyone simultaneously!! Aside from work I am on an exterior repainting mission & have chosen "Jessy's Blue" by Plascon - much to my family's horror! Apparently it is very unconventional to paint your house blue!? Well, since they raised their concerns {after I came home with all the paint!} I have had a look around & they are right in that it is certainly uncommon.

When we lived in Zimbabwe our house was white with dark green window frames & doors & a solid green splash panel all around the perimeter, with a dark green wall. I loved it - for nearly 2 decades - but eventually tired of it. The kids used to call it "Green Home" so when we had to emigrate to South Africa I told them that we would live by the sea in "Blue Home". So far I am delighted with my colour choice, just disappointed with their reaction! So what do you think? Can my whole house be blue?? If not, why not??? {It is a lovely kinda dusty cornflower blue BTW...not too dark, not too light...}

Cami is fast asleep with a raging fever. 2 nights in a row I have been severely sleep-deprived on nursing duty as she has been vomiting on the hour, every hour. She has been fighting the flu for a couple of weeks but the nausea came about very quickly when she was at the top of the stairs {which we then had to spend hours cleaning - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuw!!!} With an outbreak of meningitis here we were all concerned but the doctor's opinion is that it's a virus & can only be treated symptomatically.

We have been on a kitten hunt for months, in order to fulfill Reilly's dream of owning a playful "boy" kitten called "Chives". Finally Chives has arrived... Not the best timing with all that is going on here at the moment! He is 12 weeks old so bigger than we would have liked but the vet was going to put him down if he couldn't be homed & he has a lovely glossy coat & is so friendly & playful. When we fatten him up I think he will indeed be a lovely, big strong boy ;-D

Pandemonium reigns here in Durban, on the school front {& throughout South Africa} at the moment as government teachers are striking for a higher wage & negotiations between unions & government are deadlocked. Violence is ensuing & schools have now officially closed until further notice. While I am not overly concerned about junior schools for high school students they are on a very tight schedule & can't afford to miss anything in their syllabus or they will be back to school during their 5 day holiday at the end of September, and none of us want that!

Jack has been rehearsing for his school musical for weeks - which started this week - and now he has a terrible cough! On top of rehearsals every afternoon & shows every night he is also a finalist in a local singing competition & has to perform again very soon so we have been working together on song selection & downloading instrumental backing tracks. When he is singing I just feel like the proudest mother in the whole world! Hopefully he will be placed as the prizes are awesome, but realistically the competition is very stiff & he is battling with his voice at the moment due to the cough.

Chelsea is having to be ferried back & forth to secret locations, in her civvies, to carry on with her schooling program as she starts writing her trials/mocks on Monday & it is not deemed safe to be @ school or even to be found studying under a teacher anywhere - including private homes as some of these locations have been stormed, property destroyed & kids of all ages beaten up! It's concerning but at this stage if we keep these kids away from their teachers they will all have to repeat their final year & that has to be avoided at all costs.

So that's where I've been folks, holding the fort @ home & PA to 4 kiddies all in need of their mum's undivided attention right now! No scrapbooking for me this week but I have been on a major studio sorting mission & running back & forth to "The Plastic Shop" for what seems like a never-ending selection of containers to house all my stash in! Things are looking slick, slick, slick & pictures will follow shortly! Next step is to print out PLENTY of labels for everything & hopefully next week I will be able to paint the walls with the Granny Smith Green I have chosen.

Happy Weekend Blog people ;-D

Monday, 16 August 2010


IMO there is a right & a wrong way to everything - including the FACT that the toilet paper should hang OVER the roll as opposed to down from behind it!

Teenagers are easier to handle if you just forget about the small stuff...

White plates are best. Like white bazzill. They are a blank canvas & food looks better on them.

Cooking does very little for me, in fact, I resent the time it takes out of my life & toast is fine with me.

Kids are best left dressing themselves - that way they find their own style quite quickly & who cares if they want to be Superman every day?

Phases that kids go through, that annoy you, sometimes pass overnight, then you miss them!

Affection builds a child's spirit & confidence, cuddling in bed is especially good...

High shoes look a lot better than they feel to walk in.

Whatever the season, we moan about the weather.

I hate the telephone - the impromptu intrusion - guess that could make me seem unsociable but I'm not good at multi-tasking & would rather phone you back when I can give you 100%.

Age counts for us not against us.

Everything looks easier than it actually is!

And that folks, is my philosophying for the day ;-D

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Joy of my Heart {Mission to Create}

***BLOGFRIENDS please note my ADSL router is faulty & keeps losing the Internet Connection {driving me craaaaaaaaaaaaazy} so it has taken forever to write this post & include all the links so if I don't get to visit your lovely blogs for a few days you know why - will get it sorted out asap - just started playing up yesterday***

I decided to give my bloggy friend Jessy some support over at Mission to Create & made a page using 3 of this week's concepts - 1} Using the photograph on the left as colour inspiration 2} Using Brads & 3} Stitching a Border.

I'm enjoying working with colour schemes as a starting point over @ Colour Combos Galore & keep meaning to play @ The Colour Room but Friday is a bad day for deadlines for me, which is when TCR is due in so keep missing that one unfortunately.

I used a pale bronze metallic cardstock for the background & teamed it with red bazzill & white Making Memories Die-cut Eyelet I Do paper. The pp & artisan tape is 365degrees by Pink Paislee {crazy about this line right now...} . Glitter alphas also PP. Pearl ribbon & velvet floral ribbon both Prima {to die for...}

This challenge forced me to get my sewing maching back into action since the move & although I was loathe to stitch a border on my layout I was happy in the end with the texture it created {I zig-zagged OVER the artisan tape} & I like how I stopped the tape at the sides without going right to the top & bottom - I think this makes the whole LO look more relaxed/casual.

I embellished with lots of flowers, some of which have BRAD centres {required for the challenge}. Years ago I went "brad mad" so I am always extremely grateful for any challenge requiring the use of brads as I'd like to use them right up lol...

The flowers are a mix of Prima & my LSS/Petaloo Itty Bitties. Leaves are from a local craft shop, as are pearl centres. Gorgeous resin roses are actually buttons from an Hindu Bridal Store {GREAT for finding all sorts of heavily embellished trims, etc}.

And, yes, that's me! With Cami, now 10!! As I mentioned before I am sorting out my old framed photo collection, scrapping the photos & revamping the frames as gifts. Great economy & helps use up your old stash too ;-D

Friday, 13 August 2010

Blooming Gorgeous Ella Layout

Howdy, y'all blog people! Just posting this layout now to link up to the Ella Publishing Blog here, as it's due in today. Did anyone else manage to get it done? I told y'all about it in Monday's "Challenge" post remember?! Anyways...

Another one for my daughter's graduation album, yup, I've ordered a WHOLE ALBUM just for these photos because I'm enjoying scrapping them so much! These photographs aren't the best 'cos I've just taken them RIGHT NOW, in the middle of the night {no flash mind...} to get my entry in on time...aaaahhhhh...dedication to my craft I tell ya...

So the challenge was about laying a foundation for your page using paint. I started with green, orange & red paint that I "dry-brushed" across the central section of my page, then I couldn't resist spritzing a bit of Maya Mist in Sunflower Yellow! But not before laying down a Heidi Swapp "carefree" mask. Remember I told you a while back that yellow was gonna be my colour this year?! Well that's certainly ringing true!

I used my remaining Dear Lizzy Thickers plus some Sassafras Sunshine Lollipop cardstock alphas. Some Ittibit blooms from Petaloo & some butterfly & leaf embellishments from my local craft shop, then some doodling by moi, with my favourite Creative Memories fineliner pens!

The main flower embellishment is locally bought & the other chipboard flowers & bird are American Crafts, the 2 brads are K & Co. And that's it folks! A good solution for if you ever run out of patterned paper, or just feel like breaking out the art supplies & havin' some fun ;-D

Wishing all of you out there a happy weekend full of creative therapy!