love to inspire people through my work but ask that you do not 
download, save, screensnip or store any of my work 
(images or text) without my permission
 unless it is for your own PERSONAL use ONLY
 {not for Design Team work/ Challenge/ Competition Entries
 or teaching online or real-life classes, whether paid or free}.

Please email me beforehand at scrapaddict {at} telkomsa {dot} net 
to let me know & credit me (by linking back to my blog) if you
 are inspired enough by my ideas to actually use them 
(for your personal projects).

Please do not reproduce or republish any original work from this blog 
(images, text or ideas) anywhere (including on the internet) without
 my prior, written permission.

All content here falls under the personal copyright below.

All work ⓒ Helen Tilbury 2012. Or else