Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Journey into Love Layout {Bird is the Word JOURNEY} Webster's Pages "ALL About Me"

There's a new word up at Bird is the Word since Sunday!  
The word is JOURNEY & you have a whole month to play
along & also have a chance to win a RAK aswell as a 
possible Guest Designer position for TWO MERIT
based winners AND a random winner too!  

I made use of some photos I took over December,
of my daughter & her boyfriend, so nice that I kept
it simple so they could shine :)  I placed them directly
onto some Webster's Pages "All About Me" paper
which I inked with lime around the edges for a bit of zing...

For all the embellishments I used a sticker sheet from 
Webster's Pages that is a few years old now {sticker images 
& journaling spots on a 12" sheet} I don't think they make 
anything similar anymore.

I used Webster's Pages "Storytellers" alphas 
{Seaside & Lullaby"} for my titling and that was that!

For those of you needing sketch inspiration there is an

There is still 11 DAYS LEFT to play along with the
REMEMBER challenge so please come over and 
join in, using either the word JOURNEY or the word

All you need to do is use either word
ANYWHERE on  your layout!

Supplies List for "Journey into Love" Layout

Base Paper - Webster's Pages "All About Me" - 'You're Timeless'
Lime Ink - Colorbox
Stickers from 12inch sticker sheet - Webster's Pages
Alphas - Storytellers - Seaside & Lullaby
Precision Pen - American Crafts - Brown 03

Monday, 30 January 2012

This is Your Time Layout - Sketchabilities {Crate Paper} & a Feature!!

***edited to add***  Please scroll down a few posts for my
 JANUARY GIVEAWAY (or click here LOL)  as end of tomorrow
 (Central African Time) it closes {6 hours AFTER U.S EST).***

I was featured at Webster's Pages (Inspire Me) today with
 this layout here below!  So happy about that!!

Yesterday a new and lovely sketch went live at Sketchabilities 
again! Go on over & take a look at the stunning reveal & play 
along then link up!

I decided to use both portrait photos and to leave out the
 banners across the top - dare I say I'm a little tired of them 
right now?!  I hope I grow to love them again though as
 they are really cute!

I had a glimmer mist disaster of epic proportions on this 
one LOL and ended up remaking the entire layout with a 
different backing paper altogether (the first one was pink 
but I didn't have another pink sheet from Crate Paper)  
I managed to prize off the entire bottom embellishment 
section in one piece though, which I thought was pretty
 skilled until I tore the photos - aaack!!  Anyway, it still 
only took me 3 hours from start to finish so I have 
definitely learnt to speed scrap 
(by my standards anyway...)

Took this photo with my new Nikon f1.4 50mm lens - amazing lens ♥

Mixed in some felt Etsy flowers & doilies with various 
Crate Paper lines & a lovely concertina flower my 
American friend Mitra sent me.  That fussy-cut scroll
is from an older Crate collection...

Supplies List for "Your Time" Layout

Base Paper - Crate Paper "Static" Collection - Road Trip
Mask - doily
White mist - Studio Calico Mister Huey - Calico White
Diecuts,Stickers  & Journaling cards - 
Crate Paper "Emma's Shoppe"
Border Sticker - Crate Paper "Toy Shoppe"
Yellow scallop paper - Crate Paper "Restoration"
Alphas - Thickers {American Crafts} {Marquise - Pearl)
 and October Afternoon (Mini-Market)
Doilies & felt flowers & leaves - Etsy
Stick Pins - Maya Road & Jenni Bowlin 
Brad - Crate Paper "Neighbourhood" 
Fussy-cut Swirl - Crate Paper "Prudence"

Yup - SIX Crate Paper lines there rolled into one...
I have a seriously long-lasting and enduring love affair
with that brand...sigh...

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Health & Fitness/Weight Loss Update {Zumba Zumba!!}

Hi girls!  Just a quick update for January!!  
So far I have lost a total of 2.2kgs - which is almost 5lbs! 
 I had set a goal of one pound a week (4 a month) so I am
 ahead of schedule - woohoo!!  

As I'm an exercise phobe I decided to aim low to avoid 
disappointment - so glad 'cos now I am delighted!!

I only started exercising 3 weeks ago and I am AMAZED
at how much better I feel - AMAZED...The first 2 weeks 
were a struggle and I wanted to give up...but I knew I had
 to continue (for health reasons) as I really need to get into

In such a short space of time I am feeling stronger!

I haven't been following a specific diet plan as yet 
(I have a book I am reading about it)
 but recorded what I actually ate for a week & 
realised there was too much snacking going on! 

Now that I am so much more aware of what is 
actually going into my body I have cut down a lot.  

I am going to an exercise class 3 times a week & have
 my daughter's dance teacher swinging by my place on
 her way to work the other 2 days, so all in all I am 
working up a sweat 5 days a week!  

{for the record - I look NOTHING like any of 
the ladies in this photo - sob sob...}

Today I tried Zumba for the first time after hearing 
so much about it from my friend Mitra
who is a Zumba fanatic!!  

It was THE FUNNEST THING EVER and the fastest
 30 minutes of my life.  I could have done another class 
straight afterwards & I must be one of the least fit people
 on the planet!!

I am sure I looked ridiculous/hilarious but there were
 some ladies there at least 20 years older than me so
 it just goes to show that Zumba appeals to all ages - 
I can't wait to go to another class!! 

For any of you wanting to get fit/lose weight
 I highly recommend it!  I was really regretting 
signing up for it this morning and wanting to cop out 
for fear of me making a fool of myself (!!!) but I am 
so glad I forced myself to go.  

I haven't been this excited about something new
 since I discovered blogging 3 years ago!!

What's your keep-fit regime?  I would love to hear about it!!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Studio Sorting & Storage {Time to purge & tidy!}

I'm sure that most of you are like me & think 
more about the state of your studio/scrap room/scrap 
space more now than at any other time of year. 

I have been following Julie Fei-Fan's blog series
with great interest & enthusiasm & suggest you do
the same if you want a push in the right direction!

You can find Lesson One here, Lesson Two here, and
Lesson Three,  then follow on from there.
I subscribe via e mail as I find this the easiest
way to ensure that I don't miss any posts (I'm in my
e mail at least 5 days a week for at least an hour -
it's a chore but I do it...). 

I can't stop everything right now & turn my studio
upside down (you know how it always has to look 
worse before it can look better) but I am doing some
little things every day to improve & refine my space.

I was interested to see that Julie's studio looks quite
similar to mine in the way that it is laid out
(only hers is bigger). 

I felt so much better reading the words "working studio" 
as that is what I have, despite my desire for it to be cute
& pretty. I've tried including all sorts of sweet containers,
etc, but it just doesn't work UNLESS you have excess
space or only a few supplies.  If you have a lot like me,
you need to make THE BEST POSSIBLE USE OF 
SPACE & that can't be done using cutesy stuff.  

I realised that about a year ago so now my studio
is very functional but I am not happy with the lack
of cute factor - so I am working on that this year.
I am going to give it a lick of paint soon (apple green!)
and order some uniform (as in all the same) pull-out
chipboard baskets that I am getting custom-made as
at the moment there is a mish-mash of containers/
baskets in there based on whatever fits...

***TIP - If you ever decide to get some "pigeon-hole"
shelves made (as I did) {no IKEA here sadly...) do
NOT make the same mistake I did - make the shelves to
fit the baskets rather than trying to find the baskets to fit
the shelves - 18 months later I've given up and am biting
the bullet and getting them made to measure...***

I'm sure I could find the right size online but I need 24
and the shipping on those babies would be horrendous...

They are going to take forever to make but I'll definitely
show you the before and after of my scrappy shelf makeover.


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Forthcoming Attractions...{aswell as an article on using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog}

I have a new layout to share...but not yet!  
Sorry!!  For now here is a little sneak peek!

Lots of last season's Crate goodies in there...trying 
to finish it all off before the new releases reach me.

While I'm snowed under creating for both my
kit club DTs until the end of the month I thought
I'd share a recent blogpost I did yesterday
(every Wednesday is my blog day) over @
3 Scrappy Boys about How to Drive
Traffic to you Blog using PINTEREST.

I have copied and pasted it here for you too!


Hi there!  Helen here!!  I've been absent from the boards for a
few days because we took a roadtrip to another State to celebrate
my uncle's 60th birthday with him, and take lots of photos at the HIPPY party!!
I haven't been 100% well lately so the other day I was browsing PINTEREST
on my laptop from my bed.  As I was re-arranging my boards I had a
light-bulb moment!!

Before I continue let me explain what PINTEREST is...
It's a site where you register (by invitation only so if anyone
would like an invitation please leave a comment here with your e mail
address and I will invite you).  Once registered you create virtual
pin-boards which you use to keep track of images AND the short-cut
to them - for example if you look here you will see all the different
categories I have to keep track of all the things that interest me...

Altogether I have 37 boards and I am NOT an avid Pinterest user.
It's basically it's own little social network as you can follow other
people, they can follow you, and you can "repin" from each other 
aswell as "like" their pins.  The most vital part of the process is
that you drag the PIN IT button to your bookmarks bar so that 
you are able to pin ANYTHING from ANYWHERE just by clicking
that, selecting the image, then selecting the board you want it on.

So simple!!  Now back to my brainwave!  I realised that I might 
find myself a few new blog followers by starting up a new board
entitled "2012 PAGES Helen Tilbury"  and adding all my scrapbooking
pages as and when I do them, directly off my blog once they are
posted, so that when people click on the images they will be
taken straight back to my blog!  I don't know why I didn't
think of this before but I got TEN REPINS IN MINUTES!!

It's also great as a yearly gallery - where to find all your work
IN ONE PLACE and where you can link to from your blog sidebar,
etc, so that other's can see an overview of your work all in
one place - where storage is free!!  I hope you try it out!!
Do you use Pinterest?  Have you ever thought of using it this way??

Nearly Friday!!  Hope you get to do what you LOVE ♥♥♥ this weekend!!

3 Scrappy Boys has a HUGE SALE on and I have a GIVEAWAY too!

Hi girls :)  Had a good day today after my venting post {LOL!} - 
I think I may just be "on the mend!"  At least you know now 
that I am human after all and not just a scrapping machine...
and disappointment is something I face regularly and cope 
with fine -  it's just been far TOO regularly these last few weeks!! 

 SO I'm here to let you know that 3 Scrappy Boys {The American
 kit club I design for} has an absolutely HUGE pre-CHA sale on 
right now & to urge you to head on over and take a look for 
yourself!  Internationals - this is THE place to shop!  Lots of 
selection and actual postage rates charged.  

Next up is my January giveaway.
Last year I had a monthly giveaway on my blog and I've decided
to carry on the tradition this year!

So all you need to do is BE a follower or BECOME  A FOLLOWER!

And leave me a comment right here, on this post telling me
what you are most looking forward to purchasing after CHA
(in other words what has caught your eye in the new releases)

I've just finished a layout - 
{that I can only share with you on Monday}
and I have received 2 boxes of kit stuff to create with by the 
end of Tuesday (31st) for the 2 kit clubs I work for - so I will 
be BURIED UNDER PAPER until the end of the month...

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Thank You! And some hometruths about Design Team Calls in the Scrapbooking Industry

Wow I was completely overwhelmed by all the lovely and 
really caring comments I got on my last post!  To be honest, 
when I put out a post like that, I feel exposed.  It's usually 
late at night and I toss and turn, thinking I should get up 
and retrieve it {then I think, darn, it's in everyone's readers by
now anyway LOL!) All your love made me realise that while I
may not be good enough for some, I am good enough for 
you, and, weird as it is for me to believe at times, I actually 
do inspire people!

So I'm going to try to get through this and keep on going..
The problem is there are other things going on in my personal
life right now that are making it difficult for me to concentrate
a huge amount of energy on my papercrafting efforts, and that
makes me feel bad, but that's life...people get sick, people get
divorced, friends disappoint you, people betray you, blah blah...

Yes it sounds bleak but I truly am having to deal with all
those things at the moment and I'll do my best not to burden
you with them all.  This blog is meant to be my personal
place of escape so I'm going to do my best to keep it that 
way and I'm hoping that soon I'll have some artsy work to 
share with you here :)

Yesterday I found a great article on Disappointment here
which I am making my way through {it has 4 parts} BUT
I also think that some of my "crafty" disappointment is
justified because I think a lack of thought is also to 
blame on behalf of the challenge blogs/manufacturers/
kit clubs etc that practically all of us apply to regularly.
(I feel brave enough to say that here now as I've had
a number of e mail chats about this since my last
post and know that a lot of you feel the same way).

I realise it's a touchy subject and I'm not trying in any
way to be rude or disrespectful.  I just think that 
whoever is holding a Design Team call should send
out an e mail to ALL APPLICANTS who didn't 
make the team - despite how busy they may be -
as it makes perfect marketing sense.  How to keep
your customers as opposed to risk losing them
through lack of thought.  It also softens the blow
A LOT!!  Not "making it" is not as much of the
problem as feeling disregarded - to me that
is a lot more difficult to handle.

Imaginarium Designs is a company full of integrity
and good manners - and I know they had a huge
international response to their call, yet they typed 
out a little letter, popped it in an envelope and sent
it out TO EVERYONE who didn't make it along
with some chipboard!  How awesome is that?!?  
International postage paid!  Now I don't feel like
all my free advertising (when I personally endorse
a product because I genuinely love it) is for nought.
I'm not in this for the money, but a little bit of love
sent in my direction goes a long, long way!!

Another thought is that companies should BE HONEST
and just say "no international applicants please" instead
of pulling the wool over our eyes by not saying it and then 
selecting a large team of 100% Americans - I do object to 
wasting my precious time.  It's every companies prerogative
if they want the American market only or the whole world
BUT please just say so so that I don't go through the
motions for nothing!!  So there you have it - my 100%
unsolicited opinion on Design Team call etiquette!!

I haven't applied for a job in decades - for many years
I have freelanced for my husband's company so got 
to forego the interview LOL...but...I wonder...what is
the procedure these days?  If you apply for the job and
submit an up-to-date CV, together with fresh samples 
of your best work, do you ever hear from the company
again or do you just eventually conclude, weeks later,
that they didn't pick you?  Food for thought isn't it?!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


I'm sure that's not what you were hoping to hear so 
I'm so sorry to be taking up your inbox or reader
 space with such negativity, but a blog is a blog and
 there's an unwritten rule about being truthful on it isn't there?!

Yes I've just been to Gauteng for the weekend for my
uncle's 60th "Birthday Bash" and that was fun - photos to
follow shortly...so that's not the problem, I just haven't 
enjoyed this year *to date*.  

When I was away in the Drakensberg I had great plans for
2012.  Firstly I wasn't expecting one of our good friends
to have a heart-attack and go from bad to worse...Nor
was I expecting to feel as disorganised and out of control 
as I do right now.  My 2 weeks away was desperately
needed but I haven't come up for air since I returned and
quite frankly I'm getting tired of it already (before January
is out!!  Oooh dear...not a good sign!!)

I have had to spend some time with my attentions 
elsewhere this year - on some simple house projects that
 have been disastrous (as is usually the case in this Province
which is why I've been loathe to take them on before).
There is a lack of skilled artisans in Durban and it shows...

And on a weight-loss/exercise program that is simple 
and elementary (for "normal" people perhaps) but for
me it's an uphill climb and I'm less than a month in!!
I am (only just) up to date on my Design Team work
but seem to be scraping my deadlines by the skin
of my teeth, and I hate that, but that's how it's working
out ALL THE TIME at the moment - which makes
me an unhappy chickie :(

So I am chasing my tail, still trying to get up to
date with my e mails and blog reading from
when we were away a month ago, and not having 
the time to swoon over all the CHA sneaks around, 
and I just feel BEHIND. 

I think I'd feel better if there was a little more 
reward for all my hard work but I haven't had a 
very illustrious scrappy year so far, with a number of 
disappointments,and no matter how hard you try, that's 
ultimately corrosive.  It's disheartening.  Cumulatively 
disappointing...That's the truth...It's hard to keep going when
 you wonder if you are getting anywhere fast...

Saturday, 21 January 2012

So the thing is...

I probably haven't replied to your e mail and/or commented on 
your blog this week - sorry!  I've been fighting sickness all 
week & hubs has been away on business so it's just been me &
4 wonderfully exhausting and exasperating children, 
a bladder infection and an ongoing power {electricity}
problem thanks to my bright idea (pardon the pun) to wrap
18metres of LED rope lights around the palm tree by our pool.  

The electrician succeeded in breaking the lights & defacing 
the palm tree, and now instead of enjoying it's beauty in 
LED display each night we are experiencing regular power 
outages instead...not exactly what I had in mind.  

The cherry on the top is a problem with my e mail so I've been 
unable to access my inbox for the best part of 3 days
(if you haven't heard from me hang in there...)
HopefullyI can get it repaired next week.
Today I am busy busy preparing for my uncle's 60th birthday
party where I will also be the official photographer too -
it's a '60's themed Fancy Dress party - so I should have
some hilarious photos to share with you all next week!

Until then...

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Always REMEMBER your sense of Fun and Adventure! {Bird is the Word REMEMBER - Webster's Pages}

So there's a new word up at Bird is the Word 
this week too!  It's REMEMBER - so remember 
that okay?!?  LOL!!!  So you can see that I did
 a really simple layout here but that photo was just 
SO FABULOUS and I can say that without boasting 
as it was all Cami's idea!!  She told me she wanted to
 pose just like the gnome {the little guy she called him!!} 
so it's all thanks to her - sweet thing!

Have you seen that you can now get to GUEST DESIGN
at Bird is the Word too?  Things just keep getting better there!
So hope you play along - it's so easy - just use REMEMBER 
aaaaanywhere on your layout and you're in with a chance!!

Did I mention that I am ABSOLUTELY CRAZY about my 
new 50mm lens?!? Oh wow - there is NOTHING like it - 
it's a must - A MUST (a very expensive must but a must 
nonetheless...now listen, I waited YEARS for it so don't
 get all jealous on me now okay?!?)

{In case you are wondering why you've never seen this
paper at Webster's before it's because I made it using
the border stickers from a 12" sticker sheet from a
few seasons ago - the stripey border around the very
outside edge and the brown bracket shaped border too
- I think they've discontinued these with their latest lines}

 Supplies List for "Always Remember Your 
Sense of Fun and Adventure" Layout

 Backing Paper and 12inch stickers - Webster's Pages
Pink print - Sweet Season - Sprinkles - Webster's Pages
12" cardstock die-cut stickers - Magical Wishes - Webster's Pages
Spotted Backing Paper - Postcards from Paris -
Tres Magnifique B-side -Webster's Pages
Bouquet - Webster's Pages
Alphas - "Storytellers" - Garden Gala - Webster's Pages
Word die-cut - We R Memory Keepers
Pink Bling Swirl (cut-up) - Prima

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Color Room/Creative Scrappers "Spot Camera - Will Pose" Layout {Glitz Design/Prima/Petaloo}

I played along at The Color Room this week &
combined the palette with the Sketch 191 over at 

I created this in 1.5 hours - half the time it 
takes me on average, to complete a layout.

I was in a very bad mood !! so had a "couldn't care less" 
attitude so literally chucked everything on, spread paint
 with my fingers, etc...and it all came together SO EASILY.  
Probably because I wasn't stressing at all about how the
 finished product would look!  Has made me realise that
perhaps I need to loosen up a bit in future...

I started by using the Prima felt gate as a mask and 
misting over it with a deep red, then added some 
spritzes of green & a bit of white then cut up the 
Prima felt gate & placed it beneath all my other layers.  

I selected what I wanted to go beneath the photo & got 
everything adhered one beneath the other using double-
sided tape on the back of the photo, getting the Glitz cards 
in position then flicking over the photo so they would 
stick to it & continuing like that as I built the layers.

Supplies List for "Spot Camera - Will Pose" Layout

Backing Paper - Glitz Design - Beautiful Dreamer - Stripe
Prima Felt Gate {used firstly as a mask & then cut up & adhered}
Mists - Maya Road "Raspberry Pink", Studio Calico
 Mister Huey's" Clover & Calico White
Printed cards - Glitz Design "Beautiful Dreamer" die-cuts
Pink Text Paper - Girl's Paperie
Green cardstock - American Crafts
Transparency - Hambly Studios
Black trellis stickers, doily, feather  & chandelier gem - stash
Flower Vines - Petaloo - Cantebury Collection 
{Magnolia & Berries Branch}
Alphas - Prima
Journaling pen - Shachihata

Monday, 16 January 2012

Seasons in the Sun Layout {Once Upon a Sketch}

Yay!  It's time for a new reveal at Once Upon a Sketch 
so head on over and take a look at the LOVERLY LAYOUTS

January 15th 

Journalling Criteria
HELLO 2012 or GOODBYE 2011? 

 For this challenge, the journalling theme is new beginnings, 
upcoming adventures but also saying goodbye to yet
 another year.. Are you glad 2011 is over? Are you 
looking forward to starting fresh in 2012? What are 
your goals or resolutions for the year ahead? 
What are you most looking forward to? 

Things that you can journal about: a new job, house, 
baby or new scrapping adventures or Design Teams. 
Are you taking time off work? Are you planning a holiday 
somewhere? Maybe your children are starting school or you 
are getting a new pet. Or you could tell us why you are glad 
2011 is over or why you will miss it. Anything goes really!

Remember that you are allowed to also create a card 
or altered project based on this sketch and instead 
of the journaling criteria you need to use a quote. 

You must combine our journalling criteria/theme with this sketch. 


Imaginarium designs,  is a new chipboard company founded in 2010. 
It is the combined collaboration of  a Mother and Son team 
who both work in the paper craft industry.
Please visit the blog for inspiration and to see what the
 design team has been up to 
 and you can  purchase this amazing chipboard  at 
(they ship anywhere in the world at actual postage cost)

Feature Art is an art paper designing company located in 
South Australia.  CREATING THE UNIQUE DESIGN is our 
company mission. We offer unique patterned paper that
 help to develop the versatile craft projects for the craft
 industry. All our paper product is designed and printed
 in Australia. We will continue to provide our customers 
with excellent products and best service always.

In the virtual halls of Miss Art’s Papercrafting School your 
education will be interactive, innovative, friendly and insipirational. 
 Our teachers are like the best ones you had growing up -
 available and easy to relate to. Whether it is through 
an online chat or answering an email, our teacher/student
 relationships are about learning through interaction. 
We hope you’ll enjoy your experience at Miss Art’s so
 much that you’ll never want to leave.  After all, going back 
to school has never been more fun! 


The winner of this challenge, as voted by the Design Team, 
will win 60 days access at the Extra Credit level at $30 
value at Miss Arts's Papercrafting School  which includes a
 class by Lisa Valentine called Sweet treats. Lisa will
 teach you how to leave an impression in the hearts of 
your loved ones as you whip up a multi-dimensional 
layout and card from scratch. In 10 easy to follow 
videos, Lisa instructs students in the use of stencils 
with molding paste, fussy cutting layers, stamping
 transparencies to make butterfly embellishments, 
crafting leaves and adding custom pearls to layouts. 
Lasting Impressions begins baking up delectable 
dimension on 1/1/12. 

Here is a sneak of the class..

We have 2 prizes for 2 RANDOMLY chosen people

A chipboard  pack from Imaginarium Designs. 

2 paper collection from FeatureArt.

Things to consider when playing along...

**This is an international blog, so anyone can enter
**You are allowed to create a card, 
layout or off-the-page item based on the provided
 sketch and additional journalling criteria. If you are creating
 a card or altered item you only need to include a quote.

**You are also allowed to flip or rotate the sketch or 
alter it to suit your needs, but please make sure its still recognisable.

**Post your creation on your blog or an online gallery
 and link it on the right hand side of this blog using
 the Link tool. Please provide a direct link to your post,
 not your entire blog.If the link tool is down,
 please leave a comment on the comments section
 and link your layout there.

** The deadline for this challenge is midnight January 31st, 
Australian Eastern Standard Time . The Design Team 
will vote and the winners and the Top 5 project will be 
announced soon after the challenge has finished.

**You may enter as many times as you like and
 combine this with other challenges.

**Also, please consider turning off word 
verification for comments on your blog. 

For a complete list of the rules please see the top of this page.


And AT LAST (LOL!!)  here is my interpretation of the sketch!

I decided on a "Year in Review" layout with some 
collage photos repeated a number of times - 
(thanks to my printer continually printing out half a 
photo at a time while I was trying to repair it -
grrrr! - this was easy to achieve!!

There wasn't much room for embellishments but I prettied 
it up as much as I could using all sorts of pretties!

Yup that is a picture of me smooching - 
wonder who will spot that?!?

Supplies List for "Seasons in the Sun" Layout

Backing Paper - Webster's Pages - 
Postcards from Paris
 - Paris Couture
Diecut - Garden Gala
Journaling Pen - Creative Memories
Bling - Prima, Bazzill & Glitz Design
Chipboard - Imaginarium Designs
Alphas - Storytellers - Webster's Pages
Twine - Etsy
Pebbles - Prima
Braid ,Sparkler & Stickers - Webster's Pages
Flowers - Martha Stewart Crafts
Stamp - stash
Ink - Pretty Color
Paints - Watermelon (Ranger)
Strawberries & Cream - Making Memories