Sunday 31 August 2014

'Happy Place' Off-the-Page Project {Framed Shadow Box} Prima Product Pick August 2014

Hello everyone!  I'm here today to share my take on the Prima Product Pick
 for August, sliding in by the skin of my teeth as it is due in today...

The new Coffee Break collection hasn't landed on our shores here in 
South Africa yet so I used one of the new Bloom girls stamps instead.  

I have never coloured in a stamped image before & own NO copics at all
so I used some watercolours with a brush & didn't worry to try to make it perfect.

I absolutely LOVED the colours of this product pick & used all sorts of pretty 
bits & pieces I had lying around my desk, including a Prima vine, misted up 
with some Color Bloom spray, a Prima clear pebble, Prima wooden clock
 face & Ingvild Bolme metal title, as well as a Finnabair stamp.  

I also used some lovely Prima lace that I misted up too.  The base of this project
 is a 7 1/4 inch framed shadow box that I gessoed up, added some blue water colour
 into the mix, dried it off, sanded the entire box/frame then dry brushed on some
 pink chalkboard paint & finally sealed everything with glossy acrylic glaze.

I am sending this piece off to Australia for a charity auction I've been asked
 to participate in HERE so soon I will be saying goodbye to it & sending it on
 it's merry way.  Well I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend.  Mine has 
been busy & I have lots still to do this evening so goodbye for now :)

Thursday 28 August 2014

"Good Times Together" - 7 Dots Studio August Project

Hello to you all :)  Today I am sharing with you my August project for 
7 Dots Studio.  I chose to do a layout as the papers reminded me of the
 sea & I had a photo I wanted to scrap along that theme & a new mask to
 try out.  See the post up on the 7 Dots blog HERE.

I used various papers from the Dreamer collection by Ania Dabrowska, aka Finnabair.
I fussy-cut all the circles from one of the papers, stamped on them using 7 Dots Studio
stamps from the Illumination collection, then shaded them with gelatos for a 3D look.

For some more texture, as well as using mesh tape, thread & black plastic mesh, 
I used paper-strips from the Dreamer Collection - rolled them up into thick straws, 
stamped & coloured them, then applied gel medium to them to keep them from
 flattening out too much.  I love them!  A grungy take on the new straw trend!!

In the close-up above you can see the new mask I referred to earlier. 
 It's the small wood-grain mask from UmWow Studio.  I used it on it's side
 to replicate a water look, using 13arts texture medium which has a beautiful 
satin finish.  Of course I used lots of blue & green mists & water on my
 background too & finished off with a spattering of black ink.

 My finishing touch on this layout was adding the yellow gelato.
It really highlighted the page & added some zing! 

 Had I added another mist at this stage I would have been asking for trouble
 as it would have reacted with the other water-based inks on the page, 
& had I used a pigment ink I wouldn't have been able to blend it. 

 {Hence my love for gelatos - they definitely have a place
 in mixed-media work & add to your options}.  

Thanks for stopping by today.  

Remember, if you live in Africa & want to get your hands on some
 7 Dots Studio products, you can order them through me!  
You can check out their website HERE.

Just click on the image of each collection to be taken through to the
full display of products per collection & make a list of what you would
like then send it through to me for a quote :)  Have a great day!

Tuesday 26 August 2014

'Our Memories' Layout - Prima BAP August 2014

Hi everyone!  This weekend I got a couple more
 layouts done, including this one, for the Prima BAP.  

LOVE the sketch from Jen - great job!

My background paper comes from this year's Seashore Collection, 
with my paper layers & printed chipboard from the Time Traveler Collection.

I used Prima stitch stamps from last year,
 together with my new Prima Color Burst sprays.

One of my favourite techniques is splattering & I love
 the look of several different colours together.  I use a
 fan brush but a narrow wooden skewer works great too.

I began with some gesso - dried it off - added my background splatters then did
 some doodling with a black Faber Castell Pit pen, added some dry-wall tape
 & some thread then added my pre-made photo stack consisting of patterned
 papers & printed chipboard.  I always compile my photo stack before adhering it 
(in other words I work from the photo DOWN until I have all my layers 
then I use foam tape to adhere the stack, to give it a slight dimension).

It's always good not to over-cover the page so that there is an area remaining
 for journaling, that is not full of mediums - which aren't easy to write on top of.

I use a dropper to get a concentrated colour around the edge of my photo stack, 
using a sheet of card over the top of my photo stack to prevent it from getting stained.

Another trick for stacking is to use glue in the middle of your layers, leaving
 at least an inch around the edge so that you are able to tuck in bits & pieces. 
 I use my fingernail along the edge of the papers to curl up the edges, which keeps
 things nice & loose & casual looking.  Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Tuesday 19 August 2014

"I Believe in Santa" Mixed Media Christmas Card
for 2Crafty Chipboard

Back again!  Can you believe it LOL?!
Sharing my next project for 2Crafty Chipboard
which can be seen on the blog HERE.

 So I decided earlier this year that it really was time I felt more comfortable making cards.
I used to have an unreasonable fear of them but now I watch how the card-pros do it &
try my hand at them occasionally.  There really are times when a lovely handmade card
 is just what is required & I hate whipping things up in a hurry.  This took me 2 hours!!

I thoroughly enjoyed it though & can see myself getting a lot faster in future
if I keep at it with the practicing :)  I used my new Prima Color Bloom Sprays
on this one as well as my new Aladine Inks, which are simply AWESOME!
Mixed Media products make me INSANELY HAPPY!!

As you can see I threw everything I could find onto this one.  
I started with the base paper - stenciling onto it with modeling paste 
{I used 13arts for this which is beautifully light & glossy}then I also added 
some microbeads & glass beads, which made the front a bit heavy so the
 back had to be reinforced with an extra sheet of card.  

{so maybe not the best idea} but I love how it turned out.  
I used my stamps, old Prima packaging & an old postage stamp, 
along with some gold twine & a Finnabair metal clock face from Prima 
that I have been hoarding for the perfect project.

2Crafty make the most amazing delicate titles, that you can see on their
site HERE & email Vanessa at if you can't
find a stockist in your country & contact ME if you are in South Africa
as I can get you anything you want from 2Crafty & their prices are reasonable!


Monday 18 August 2014

''Lucky Road" Off-the-Page Wooden Piece
for 2Crafty Chipboard!

Hi there everyone!  
Finally I have a project to share with you today!!
You can see this up on the 2Crafty blog at the moment.

If you are interested in how I made this & which pieces of chipboard
 I used please click in to the link above as I do give full details over there.

I really enjoyed making this OTP using a piece of wood mounting board, 
similar to a canvas, with a frame at the back, around the sides. 
 I have had it lying around my home for years & can't even 
remember now what it was from originally!

I used many tactile elements here as well as the lovely 2Crafty chipboard.
I have patterned paper from Prima, printed chipboard, 2 varieties of plastic
mesh, lace & cheesecloth.  My embellishments come from an old headband
{the black flower} & a bead & antique-looking chain from an old necklace.
This layered, collage style is definitely my favourite way of creating.

As well as stamping I stayed away from mists on this one & used Faber-Castell
 gelatos instead.  On the rough surface I created with the hard modelling paste,
 they were very effective.  I used a combination of baby wipes & kitchen paper 
to blend the gelatos & was very happy with the results.  I also used them on the 
chipboard too & love the 3D look they create due to the varying intensities of colour.

I left some of the chipboard ''as is" untreated - which I think looks fabulous on masculine layouts.  
As I am in the middle of a very extensive studio sort-out I used some "no-name brand"
eclectic items like the lovely metal clock-face above & the red & white bow below
it {that comes from an old T-shirt!} as well as some Prima packaging, that I ALWAYS keep!

I'm giving this to my daughter's boyfriend for Christmas.  
He is very sweetly supportive of my work!

I finally used up that lovely Ingvild Bolme for Prima,
plumbing pipes frame directly on the top photo, adhered
with hot glue.  That was a bit hair-raising to do but it
worked out fine (phew!) & draws your eye straight to the 
happy couple {who this week celebrated their 3 year anniversary!}


Thursday 14 August 2014

Bad Blogger!! Some Sneaks, a New Venture & a Giveaway Reminder!

Now that's a title I didn't ever expect to see here!  
But it's true...of late I have hardly switched on my laptop.
But never fear I am not disappearing for good!!  
I am actually really enjoying a little online breather
even if it hasn't been self imposed!!!

Yup we have had ridiculous electical problems at our house 
& have had to be turning our plug switch off at our MCB
for a week now.  We think we have isolated the problem at
long last so hopefully I'll stay connected!

Anyway here are some sneaks of what is in the pipeline...
For reveal next week & ready to roll!

I could have been scrapping up a storm but without my lamps it's not easy
as I love everything to be really bright in my studio due to it's small size.

Instead I have been sorting through my stash & am amazed to have even 
more than I ever realised!  If I wasn't so blooming fussy now {my taste has
 become very brand/style specific in the last year} I could scrap another few
 HUNDRED pages without ever buying another thing!!  

So I've decided to package everything up into kits & sell them 
locally!  I am so excited!!  I have packed up about 100 kits so
far & photographed/edited/listed about 50 to date!

Anyway I'm hoping to sell those off in the next few months
on a NEW BLOG that is in the works!  Exciting stuff right?!?

And that is just the beginning...

I plan on using the revenue from my kits to reinvest in stock for a small 
online store, the plan being to stock mainly products that are not available 
already here.  Unusual things (for South Africa) that are difficult to source, 
as I am an online shopping expert after years on the job LOL. 

 I'm not looking to take over the world, just keep myself in nice stash 
without having to break  the bank or call on hubby to hit me with a loan 
every time the new Prima Collections are realeased LOL!

I'm also really stoked about being more involved locally, even if only online.
 I am too busy to offer much else or anything on a regular basis at this point.  
I'm more interested in changing people's perceptions about scrapbooking & 
"how it has to be" , to show them how broad their options are, 
than I am in making pots of  money out of trying to compete in giving
them what we can all see they use here on a regular basis in any case.

I know, I'm a hopeless business person but "I'm far
more excited at the thought of blazing a  trail than following one!"

And here's a heads-up on the current 7 Dots Studio Challenge that you can find
HERESizzling Hot Summer Fun is the theme & JUST 5 DAYS TO GO!!

If you like the look of 7 DOTS PAPERS & want to win some for yourself,
along with some other yummy stash, then head over HERE to my giveaway
& put your name down on the list - got to be in it to win it!!

So that's it from me folks!  Got to keep ploughing through my drawers 
& papers a bit longer before I can give myself some more creative time 
but I am making a huge dent in my stash & creating some empty drawers - 
which is just what I need to declutter my studio & get some items off the 
counter tops to create some more space to breathe, feel inspired & spread 
myself out!!  HAPPY WEEKEND - coming soon!

Thursday 7 August 2014

"Celebrate Life Everyday"Layout - Published in Scrap 365 Magazine {UK} June/July 2014 Issue

Hi everyone!  Please excuse my absence from blog land of late all round.
My son is sick & hubs has been away, so it has been overwhelming.

I created this layout especially for Scrap 365 Magazine for their June/July 2014 issue.
It was for the PDQ {Pretty Darn Quick} Gallery, which means it needs to be a page
that the average scrapper can complete in an hour.  With the focus on interesting
ways to use ribbon, I used this holey ribbon from Prima, that I just LOVE.  It has
a hint of gold too & you buy it by the ROLL so it is decadence deluxe!!

I tied a DOUBLE bow with it {an art I have FINALLY mastered} see left.
And on the right I used it as a layer of texture under those lush Webster's 
Pages flowers. 

For making speedy pages using a background paper such as this definitely helps.
This Prima chalkboard paper comes complete with title & doodles already printed!

I cut the Memories sentiment from a Prima paper & the other alphas
 {from American Crafts - the gold} & Prima {the tiny ones} are self adhesive.

Gauze is a VERY inexpensive & super quick way to add an extra layer of texture.
For the base design I applied modelling paste through a Prima stencil, then
covered it with embossing powder & dried it off with my heat gun.  FAST &
definitely a way to crank things up a notch.  Thanks for stopping by!!

Monday 4 August 2014

"DJ Rise" Layout - Scrap 365 Pinterest Article {Prima Free Spirit- 3rdEyeCrafts - Faber Castell Gelatos}

Hi everyone!  Here is the layout that accompanies my article
 "Pinspired" in the June/July 2014 issue of Scrap 365 Magazine UK.

I'm really proud {in a good way!} of the article as it was taken on board 
at my suggestion.  Never did I imagine that one day I would be working 
for a scrapbooking magazine, sharing what I love, let along actually 
coming up with the articles at times!  It's wonderful how time, 
experience & courage to chase your dreams pays off at times.

The article, which I can't share here, is all about Pinterest & how you can
 use images to inspire your scrapbooking.  That is what I did for this page - 
after creating a mini mood-board by making up a collage in Picasa.

My base paper comes from Prima's new Free Spirit Collection {Groovy},
misted up with a few different colours of Lindy's Stamp Gang mists, then
stamped over with the Funky Flower & Cubed stamps from 3rd Eye Crafts.
I also coloured some of the stamped elements using green, blue & yellow 
Gelatos.  I really should use them more as they give such a unique effect.

I also used a Prima {by Ingvild Bolme} Jeans Plate & Road Sign - perfect masculine embellishments.  Plus a couple of different types of mesh from the Hardware store.

I wrote my title free-hand using black office ink on a watercolour brush - 
onto white cardstock then fussy-cut it out.  Easy & really cheap!! 

 Rise is my son's DJ name & the name he uses on social media
 such as Sound Cloud.  Both my sons are very musical which is
 quite a surprise to me as I am not someone who listens to a lot
 of music at all or is even very discerning about it. 
 I have learnt so much from them though.  

Thanks for the visit - I appreciate it!

Sunday 3 August 2014

Scrap Around The World July Challenge by Marilyn Rivera

Hi everyone.  Yesterday I shared my Art Journal page for the new reveal up at 
Scrap Around The World HERE, now today I am going to show you all our
fabulous sponsored prizes you can win if you participate & are selected!



$50 worth of product from 7Dots Studio!

7 Dots Studio was born from dreams & for dreams. 
We are a European scrapbooking manufacturer of high 
quality scrapbooking products – papers, stickers, die-cuts,
 collage sheets, 6x6 pads, collection kits &chipboards. 
Quality of our products is our top priority. 

Our collections are created by amazingly talented artists - 
from clean, graphic designs to mixed-media, grungy collage look. 
What you can always be sure of are high quality & thickness of our papers, 
which makes them work perfectly with all kinds of media.

 Among our products you will find also clear stamp sets coordinating 
with our collections to make them even more interesting & versatile.
We are amazingly happy & feel very blessed to see how much
 our products are loved by crafters & artists around the world!

If you would like to see more awesome inspiration from 
our design team please visit our blog or Facebook fan page.




$40 gift card from The Flying Unicorn Online Store!

Flying Unicorn...Your Passion. Your Art. 
Their on line store has an incredible selection of products for all paper crafting artists. 
Their Kit of the Month is filled with the latest & greatest ~ including 
an off-the-page project to keep your creative muse flowing!
Be sure to check out the Flying Unicorn forums, a hot & happening place 
which includes monthly challenges, tips, techniques & friendships that last! 

They also have a blog &  Facebook page where you can find loads of inspiration!



$30 worth of 2Crafty Chipboard!

2Crafty Chipboard is an Australian owned & operated manufacturer & wholesaler 
of laser cut chipboard products, located in Sydney, Australia.  We have been
 in operation since October 2006 & have more than 1 000 designs on offer.
We pride ourselves on quality products that are versatile & up to date with 
market trends, as well as offering unbeatable customer service, 
with quick turnaround of jobs large & small.

We are happy to quote on personalised jobs, whether it be a single title for a 
customer, or large jobs for retreats, classes etc.  If you are a retail business 
& would like to stock our range of unique products, please contact us
 for more information.  Please see further details on our blog!

Image depicts a sampling of 2Crafty's latest products
 & is for illustration purposes only. Prizewinner will receive an
 awesome selection of 2Crafty Chipboard to the value of their prize.



 $20 worth of Inklinkz from Shimmerz Shimmering Watercolours - 

Scraps of Darkness & Scraps of Elegance are monthly scrapbook kit clubs that
cater to scrapbookers who are looking for an alternative to what other kit clubs offer.
Our kits are designed for artists who wish to take scrapbooking to a level beyond.
We strive to include the latest & greatest items on the market that will enable you
 to create not "just a layout", but a work of art.

Please also check out the inspiration from our design team on the shop's blog!
You can also find us on Facebook & Pinterest & YouTube - let's connect!
Our tutorials you can find here!
Community / Gallery:



 $15 worth of Green Tara products & flowers!

Green Tara are an Australian based company & are importers & wholesalers
 of fine handmade & milled mulberry papers,beautiful ribbons,both fabric & paper 
 flowers, washi tape, etc. They are continually adding to their collections of high
 quality products & provide papers with rich colours, wonderful textures & beautiful patterns!

Image depicts a sampling of Green Tara's latest products & is for illustration purposes only. Prizewinner will receive an awesome selection of Green Tara products worth $15.




$25 prize-pack from Darkroom Door

Darkroom Door is owned by photographer Rachel Greig &  graphic designer 
Stewart Yule, who combine their talents to design a unique range of rubber stamps
 &  papercraft products suitable for card making, scrapbooking, invitations, collage, 
mixed media & altered art. As the name suggests, Darkroom Door products
 have a strong photographic element in their design.

Check out the Darkroom Door website to see their full product range
 along with a gallery full of projects and ideas!

Crafty Lady Line Art Stamp and Splatter Texture Stamp


The deadline for this challenge is  SUNDAY 31th AUGUST 2014.