Monday, 18 August 2014

''Lucky Road" Off-the-Page Wooden Piece
for 2Crafty Chipboard!

Hi there everyone!  
Finally I have a project to share with you today!!
You can see this up on the 2Crafty blog at the moment.

If you are interested in how I made this & which pieces of chipboard
 I used please click in to the link above as I do give full details over there.

I really enjoyed making this OTP using a piece of wood mounting board, 
similar to a canvas, with a frame at the back, around the sides. 
 I have had it lying around my home for years & can't even 
remember now what it was from originally!

I used many tactile elements here as well as the lovely 2Crafty chipboard.
I have patterned paper from Prima, printed chipboard, 2 varieties of plastic
mesh, lace & cheesecloth.  My embellishments come from an old headband
{the black flower} & a bead & antique-looking chain from an old necklace.
This layered, collage style is definitely my favourite way of creating.

As well as stamping I stayed away from mists on this one & used Faber-Castell
 gelatos instead.  On the rough surface I created with the hard modelling paste,
 they were very effective.  I used a combination of baby wipes & kitchen paper 
to blend the gelatos & was very happy with the results.  I also used them on the 
chipboard too & love the 3D look they create due to the varying intensities of colour.

I left some of the chipboard ''as is" untreated - which I think looks fabulous on masculine layouts.  
As I am in the middle of a very extensive studio sort-out I used some "no-name brand"
eclectic items like the lovely metal clock-face above & the red & white bow below
it {that comes from an old T-shirt!} as well as some Prima packaging, that I ALWAYS keep!

I'm giving this to my daughter's boyfriend for Christmas.  
He is very sweetly supportive of my work!

I finally used up that lovely Ingvild Bolme for Prima,
plumbing pipes frame directly on the top photo, adhered
with hot glue.  That was a bit hair-raising to do but it
worked out fine (phew!) & draws your eye straight to the 
happy couple {who this week celebrated their 3 year anniversary!}



Jean Bullock said...

Very cool.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So gorgeous! I love love love love all the layers and textures!!!!!!

Unknown said...

what a fabulous page Helen! Love all the little details and work you've done on the embellishments

Unknown said...

what a fabulous page Helen! Love all the little details and work you've done on the embellishments

Denise van Deventer said...

So stunning! Love the layering and little amazing! Love all the distressing too!

Lizzy Hill said...

Looove your layering....& the mix of elements works so well! Great OTP'er....AND you used up a board that has been sitting around AND you've got a pressy made. Talk about win win win!!!!

Francesca Biancon said...

fantastic....full of little details, it's cute to discover!

yyam said...

This is beautiful! LOVE the textures and layers!

Helen Wallace said...

What a brilliant idea for a Christmas gift! Just a little something you had hanging around huh! Well it turned into a piece of art....Bravo :D

Val-Belle said...

Well I reckon if he is supportive of your work he is a keeper.... :D This is a fabulous piece and would look amazing on any wall.

Eila Sandberg said...

Couldn't have said any better than Lizzy already has - certainly is a win win! would love to hold this in my hand and run my hand over all the details. Looks yummie! xoxo

Lynette Jacobs said...

You really manage to pack it in. Beautiful layering...and stunning details.

Creative Mayhem said...

Love the frame on the photo and again all the details. You really know how to group items to make them look oh so pretty. Thanks for sharing!

Bellaidea said...

looks great!