Monday, 9 August 2010

This Week's Challenge {& some family photographs}

My challenge this week is to complete these challenges!
{Made this little collage for ya in Picasa so you can join me if you like...}. I have a couple more I hope to do too. The Colour Room Palette 18 here {due in on Friday this week} & Inspired Blueprints Sketch 53 due in on 15th August {next Sunday}, the PAINT challenge over on the Ella Blog {due in this week} & the awesome Scrap-it-Lah
competition due in at the end of the month. So that's 7 challenges in a week!

Can I do it? Probably not! But only 4 are due this week so PROBABLY YES!! Will keep you posted... I've added the date in on top of the challenges to make it easier for me/you.

Now for some pretty pictures...Generally I am not a fan of overexposing & whiting out faces but liked the look of it here below. I've noticed that I do like my pics a lot lighter than I was every able to get in AUTO though. So much for the sunny 16 rule - for me it's more like the sunny 10 rule {using an f-stop of 10 on a sunny day rather than 16 - because I like 'em lighter}.

Took these during the holidays at a lovely coffee shop in Walmer, Port Elizabeth {know it Lynette?} I love the backgrounds of this set & how peaceful my little girl looked on her holiday ;-D

This was a genuine impromptu shot & not a pose {below}.

Here she was watching her big brother Jack who loves to play the fool for her...

And here she is with her "favourite" {as he always jokes!}

At 12 Reilly is trying to be cool but it is so nooooot his look...

He should just stick to looking sweet like he does here...suits him soooooo much better!

Wishing all my commenters a happy week filled with cappucino, delicious food & zero weight gain ;-D

We have had a lovely long weekend here in South Africa so I have been holed up in my studio creating 5 layouts for my daughter's matric dance album so have plenty to share at the moment! Totally forgot to publish this post today {prepared it yesterday} 'cos I got carried away D-I-Ying & helping kids with school projects, hence it's up just before midnight!!!


topkatnz said...

best of luck with completing all those challenges - always good to have a goal!LOL

Stefanie said...

Great photos.
Thanks also for adding the challenges and the dates so we could play along if we wanted to.
I appreciate that.

Shayne said...

Gorgeous pics of your baby. She is amazingly photogenic!

Thanks also for challenge info - last week i scrapped madly - this week, not sure i'm going to fit it in!

tania said...

want to do those sketches!
those photos are brilliant, especially the not posed ones of your girl, the black and white ones i also like:)
that cake!! yummy;)

Mel said...

Your daughter is a show-stopper. Wow!

Yes, cappucinos and cake and no weight gain.....I think THAT is the challenge eh? :-)

Ella Swan said...

Happy to help with the challenges - I've just started doing that for myself so may as well help you out too. Will try to make it a Monday thing... and, good news, I've lost another kg so 16down! Not too shabby me thinks...and I still drink cappucino although skinny of course ;-D

CathQuillScrap said...

Good luck with your challenges... and that cappucino and cake look VERy yummy... mmmmm time for coffee me thinks!

Tiffany said...

Those are wonderful pics, Helen! I need to get my guys to stop for a few minutes so I can capture those precious shots. Thanks for the inspiration!

Hope you can drop by and check out my blog!

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